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A story in CHICAGO (AP) in February.
Energy Department lithium-
The Associated Press mistakenly reported on the Ion battery research and development project, which will take more than three years and will be named Hans Eric Merlin.
The correct amount is $15 million, not $15 billion.
Melin\'s company is called circular energy storage, and its name has been renamed from Creation Inn.
The revised version of this story is as follows: the United States seeks ways to recycle lithium batteries in cars, and phonesUS seeks ways to develop lithium batteries
Ion battery recycling to meet global demand, potential shortage of materials for electric vehicles, telephone battery for TAMMY web berassociated Press CHICAGO (AP)S.
The government will lead an ambitious effort to develop technology to recycle lithium
Energy Department officials said Friday that ion batteries from electric vehicles, mobile phones and other sources to ensure reliable and affordable metal supplies are critical to battery production, as global demand is expected to soar and
The agency called the effort a national security issue and announced a $15 million three-
Annual research and development projects at Argonne National Laboratory outside Chicago.
Cooperation between Argonne, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory and several universities is also to catch up with China and other countries that manufacture and recycle the vast majority of lithium.
Ion batteries, including batteries shipped back from the United StatesS.
Officials said. U. S.
Dependence on metals such as lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite, as well as on finished batteries, \"undermines our national security,\" as the country of origin is not always an intimate ally, said Daniel R.
Assistant Secretary, energy efficiency and renewable energy office, energy sector Simmons.
Experts say lithium salt is mainly extracted in several countries in South America and Africa, as well as in Australia, and cobalt is mainly mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The U. S.
Trade tensions with China, which produces a large portion of the battery and has been actively recycling the battery to recover the metal that otherwise has to be imported.
But demand for lithium
This effort is also being driven by ion batteries. With U. S.
Automakers will expand the production of electric vehicles in the next 10 years, and the batteries of existing electric vehicles will be nearing the end of their service life, and it is time to figure out how to recycle them in the United States.
Jeff swangenberg, director of the new recycling center, said the center is called the ReCell center.
The center will focus on developing a process that allows the recycled material to be put back directly into the new battery without having to break it down into the core components.
\"We did a lot of analysis. . .
\"If we don\'t recycle, we will run out of material,\" Spangenberger said . \".
\"If we have a stable supply of recycled materials, we will reduce the risk.
\"But recycling raw materials is not good for the United States. S.
Experts say it would be great if it could not produce batteries and finished products here.
\"Recycling in the United States is meaningless. S.
And cannot be used in the United States (materials)S. . . .
Otherwise, you have to sell to China because that\'s where they make the batteries, \"says Hans Eric Merlin, a consultant in London --
Lithium based on circular energy storage-
Ion battery industry
He also said that it is important to first figure out how to collect enough batteries for recycling.
\"Be able to get the batteries and keep them in the United StatesS.
\"It\'s really important,\" he said . \"
As more companies use lithium, recycling will become more and more important, says Melin.
Ion battery in the product.
Big companies may be able to get enough raw materials, but second, he said.
First-line companies may have to rely on recycled materials.
In 2018, lithium was about 100,000 metric tons.
The ion battery was recycled globally, Melin said, adding that about 14,000 metric tons of cobalt were recovered from the battery, or about 1-
Fifth place in the metal market.
Spangenberger said the government wants to eliminate the risks of the United States. S.
Domestic battery production, other industries and jobs.
\"At the end of the day, we should be able to show that it is feasible and then let\'s scale up and commercialize,\" he said . \".
James Greenberg, executive director of NAATBatt, NAATBatt is a corporate consortium that promotes economic growth in the United StatesS. advanced-
Battery manufacturing companies say recycling is important because manufacturers of cars and other products do not have to pass on costs to customers.
\"Everyone is waiting for a technical solution,\" Greenberg said . \".
\"But I think we can definitely catch up.
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