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A cost and resource analysis of sodium-ion batteries

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
Ion batteries have been identified as attractive alternatives to lithium
Ion batteries because they are made from cheaper, richer, less toxic raw materials.
However, the cost advantage of sodium often discussed
So far, detailed inspections of ion batteries have not been carried out.
From this perspective, we use the battery performance and cost (BatPaC) model for cost analysis of sodium materialsLithium ion and lithium
Ion batteries, as well as complete batteries, and determine the effect of exchanging lithium with sodium, as well as the effect on the cost of replacing the material used for anode collector foil.
In addition, we compare the calculated production cost of exemplary sodiumLithium ion and lithium
The ion battery is optimized by highlighting the most relevant parameters.
Finally, the main raw material of lithium-
Check the ion cathode based on the potential supply risk, because the supply problem may lead to an increase in cost.
Through the use of a scene
Based on the analysis of supply and demand, the risk of lithium and cobalt supply was evaluated and the impact on battery research was discussed.
In general, we provide a broad and cross-domain perspective on modern batteries and the future direction of this field, with a focus on sodium-ion batteries.
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