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A tale of two Ford Fusions: gas and electric

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-13
Ford Fusion media\'s two cars are almost the same from the outside, except that one is red and the other is silver.
But after a week behind each converged wheel, it turns out that they are actually very different: under the hood, surprisingly, in the trunk.
The first tester is red gasoline.
Power Fusion Titanium AWD;
Then came a Silver Fusion Energi SE, a plug. in hybrid.
The basic price of titanium is $34,188.
(Options including navigation screens, parking aids, lane keeping systems, blind spot detection, leather interiors and sunroof make this car up to $43,588.
) Energi SE is not as luxurious as titanium, starting at $35,438-
And a shorter list of options.
There is a lot of room for both fusion, wide view, comfortable ride, and easy-to-
Use the audio and navigation system.
The similarities are over here.
After testing red titanium in Regina, it\'s time to go to Toronto to try out Energi.
The first surprise came even before I drove.
Upon arrival at Toronto Pearson International Airport, I noticed a major difference when I opened my suitcase and loaded my luggage.
I only have space for my two carry-on luggage.
Box and a check bag. That was it;
The suitcase is full, mainly lithiumion battery.
If I take my luggage again, it has to sit in the back seat because there is no room left in the trunk at all.
Energi\'s trunk capacity is almost halved from 453. 1. rise to 232.
2 liters-make room for the battery.
There are folds in both fusion
Rear seat with access to trunk
But the channels in Energi are severely restricted and are actually just one slot below the rear window;
Perhaps ideal for taxiing on skisby-
Four from the trunk to the back seat.
In contrast, in the gas
The power fusion of the rear seat folded down will have enough space to slide in the long package;
You can even sleep there in a pinch.
Another big difference is under the hood in the front.
There is a red titanium 2. 0 litre four-
Cylinder gas engine while Energi SE has 118-
HP motor and 141-hp 2.
Atkinson-0 L. cycle four-Cylinder engine.
Unlike conventional hybrid Fusion, Energi\'s battery pack is larger and can be plugged into charging.
Energi is heavier than the gasoline version and weighs 1801 kg. 1575 kg.
It is no surprise that the heavier energy is obviously slower than titanium.
The trade-off is better fuel economy.
Some people may want to make the deal.
The rating of titanium is 11.
2 liters per 100 (25.
2 miles per gallon) in the city and 7. 6 l/100 km (37.
2 mpg) on the highway;
The rating of Energi SE is 2.
4 liters/100 km gasoline fuel efficiency for electric mode operation (117.
7 mpg) in cities and 5. 6 l/100 km (50.
4 miles) on the highway.
At the low speed of Energi, the motor can provide power as long as you walk slowly.
If you need some extra power, step on the \"gas\" pedal and the gas engine will start and take over seamlessly.
I drive mainly on the highway in the Toronto area, with an average of 5 times. 5 l/100 km.
When the stopand-
The transportation is convenient, the gas engine is turned off, and only a few meters of slow forward movement of the electric motor is required at a time.
This proves to be an important spread and a month when-
The Gardiner Highway is one kilometer long and about an hour long.
When I saw an instant fuel economy reading, the amount of time I was stuck in traffic increased from 5 to 5. 5 to 5. 0 l/100 kms.
With the smooth flow of traffic, I returned to 110 km km/h, and the fuel consumption increased accordingly, and soon returned to 5 kilometers. 5 l/100 kms.
This is the exact opposite of the gas-
Only vehicles with worse fuel economy in urban traffic
Especially when stopping at a railway crossing on the loop --
Then improve on the highway.
There is another difference inside, because the dash I shows on the dashboard whether the gas engine or the motor provides power.
There is also a display that shows the battery power and whether the battery is charging during braking.
The choice of these two combinations depends on your needs.
Energi is the ideal transportation for people who don\'t need too much luggage space, can leisurely leave the traffic lights and drive mainly in the city.
But if you want more space in the trunk and prefer faster acceleration than fuel economy, gas-
Titanium is a better choice.
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