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An alternative to lithium-ion batteries

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
Scientists have developed a safer kind of fire. prone lithium-
Ion batteries are common in home devices such as smartphones and laptops.
Researchers in the United StatesS.
The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) developed nickelzinc (Ni-
Zinc) battery, one of three-
Imenium zinc \"sponge\" replaces the conventional powder zinc anode or electrode with positive electricity.
Using 3D zinc, the battery provides the energy content and charging capability to compete with lithium
At the same time, the safety problem that continues to plague lithium is avoided.
\"The 3D Sponge shape allows us to re-imagine zinc, a good
21st Century battery materials are well known, \"said Debra Rolison of NRL advanced electro-chemical materials group. Zinc-
Battery-based go-
Single Global Battery-
The use of the application, but not considered rechargeable in practice, as they tend to grow a conductive bond (branch crystal) inside the battery, which may grow long enough to cause a short circuit.
\"The key to achieving rechargeable zinc --
Battery-based batteries lie in controlling the behavior of zinc during the cycle, \"said Joseph Parker, lead author of a research paper published in the journal Science.
\"The current is distributed more evenly in the sponge, which makes it physically difficult to form a branch crystal,\" said Mr. Parke.
With the advantage of rechargeable, the 3D zinc sponge is ready to be deployed throughout the zinc family
The alkaline batteries are found in civilian and military areas, the researchers said.
\"We can provide energy now --
Related alternatives, from drop-
Alternatives to lithium
Bring new opportunities in portable and wearable power supplies and manned and unmanned electric vehicles, while reducing potential safety hazards, easing transport restrictions and using the planet
Jeffrey Long from NRL said: \"The material is rich.
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