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by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
It is hoped that renewable energy will ease a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to the past, which is the need for better batteries.
After all, the wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine.
But these better batteries are on the way, thanks to countless small improvements that will both increase the life of the phone in the pocket and speed up the speed of electric vehicles over petrol vehicles.
Now there\'s another worry: can we drive the battery fast enough?
The vision of achieving cleanliness --energy future —
Wind turbines and solar panels form a new power grid.
It depends on creating an industry that is almost entirely new.
The government is strongly supporting electric vehicles in China.
The automotive industry has announced plans to produce a 120 GW battery plant
There are several hours of storage capacity each year, enough to run Italy for an hour with battery power.
Among them is a factory started by BYD Co. in mid-
This will be the largest 2018 in the world, producing 24-
The annual storage capacity is gigabit watt hours.
Equipment 1 is enough.
According to the manufacturer, 2 million cars are backed by Warren Buffett.
Bigger than Tesla.
Although Tesla plans to expand the plant and build up to four large battery plants in the United StatesS.
Sweden and Germany also plan to build large battery factories.
Price of lithium-
The ion battery pack holding kilowatt-hour power has plummeted and is expected to drop by more than 90% from 2010 to 2030.
Utilities are also driving battery installation.
California requires power companies to install nearly 2 gigawatts of electricity in total
Storage time as of 2024
More than twice as present in the United StatesS.
At the end of 2017.
Not counting car batteries, global storage capacity is expected from 7 giva-
It\'s 305 Giwa hours now. hours in 2030.
Benjamin Franklin and other inventors have experimented with the Leyden jar, now known as a capacitor, which can hold and release charges.
Italy\'s Alessandro Volta is considered the first electric battery invented in 1799, a pile of zinc and copper plates in salt water.
Thomas Edison created a nickel.
The iron battery of the earliest electric car.
1970 of oil price shocks have spurred new research, leading to the establishment of Exxon.
This is a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Sony Corp.
The technology was brought to market in the 1990 s, and since then, lithium-ion batteries have been the foundation of the digital revolution.
They are durable and energy efficient.
Dense and easy to charge, even if high due to manufacturing failure
Introduction to fire cases of new products such as Samsung Electronics
Galaxy Note 7 phones and Boeing.
Dream plane.
Large utilities are needed
Scale storage is pursuing a variety of technologies, from pumps and reservoirs to solids
The lithium ion battery is in the state of a flywheel that stores energy as momentum.
Some countries, such as Germany and Japan, subsidize batteries integrated into renewable energy systems.
More often, subsidies for wind and solar production indirectly meet the demand for batteries.
These payments are now being phased out in the United States. S.
For homeowners, adding batteries to solar panels saves power costs at night and provides security during power outages.
For power companies, adding batteries to solar panels or wind turbines may allow them to sell power at a higher price by qualifying for reliable energy.
Some new businesses are using batteries to create something called a virtual power plant, tie rooftop solar panels together and sell their production.
This is a more and more popular method in Europe, is trying in the new development of the United StatesS.
It has also created a conflict with utilities, which say solar and wind energy producers are spending billions of dollars to maintain and upgrade the grid.
Supporters say the popularity of home battery packs will lead to a decentralized network of micro-grids that will be more resilient and efficient. Logan Goldie-
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