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cycle to work day 2018: can electric bikes ease a …

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-13
Today is the largest annual commuter bike event on the UK calendar :.
It started in 2012, and as a means of letting people give up their cars for two wheels, it has now become a complete
Bicycle celebration.
This year, more than 20,000 people have promised to go back and forth to the office by bike.
The organization behind this idea is offering prizes to participants if they visit the website and sign up for a few miles of car instead of a car or public transport.
Prizes will be distributed in the form of a ransom, including professional Sirrus elite bike, Cannondale Trail 3 mountain bike, Beryl Laserlight & Burner set, Gold Services credit in bicycle Republic, etc.
Of course, people who often ride bicycles will know that it is not always easy to jump into the saddle every day.
Chances are you\'re sweating-especially if you have a bag-it\'s not what you want to be at work.
This may explain to some extent that electric bikes are becoming more and more popular (Also known as e-bikes)
In recent years.
They already account for 38% of German bike sales and are becoming popular in the UK.
These are regular bicycles with lithium ion batteries (
Like your smartphone, but bigger)
Push you forward by connecting to the hub motor on the wheel.
The good thing is the fresh air and good work without sweating on any Mountain.
While serious models can make you stand out from the big race, there are plenty of more affordable options around.
French sports companyAs per EU law (
In coordination with our own UK road regulations)
The electric motor must be capped at 15.
5 miles/hour and will only kick in when you start riding.
Technically, you\'re riding an electric pedal bike \"(EAPC)
You don\'t need a license or a road tax.
People who ride bicycles know this.
5 miles/hour is not that fast but if you are talking about commuting instead of crossing
Country travel notes, this is enough.
The above is an example of decathlon Tilt 500 electric bicycle.
It uses a 250W brushless motor powered by a built-in 24v battery.
You need 35 km once juicing (21 miles)
If you are using an economic model, it will cost you only one fee.
Within your standard city commute area. A by US-
According to the joint market research company, the global market value of electric bicycles will reach $23.
83 billion to 2025.
It\'s not just because you can go to work without sweating.
Consumers are increasingly inclined to use e-commerce, according to the report. Bicycle as an ecology
Convenient and efficient commuting solutions and rising fuel costs will drive demand growth.
You are not just saving the environment, you may also be saving cold, hard cash.
Talking is one thing, and walking around is another.
It\'s been three full weeks from cycle to work day and I \'ve been trying to travel (
30 miles including trains)
There is an electric bike going back and forth every day.
Decathlon\'s Tilt 500 is the transport I chose to use it every day, which shows me the advantages and disadvantages of it.
There are many advantages over disadvantages.
First, as mentioned above, there is no need to take a bath in the office.
I found that I could travel even at a high temperature of 26 degrees without sweating.
I\'m not alone in this matter.
A recent study by Shimano found that electric cyclists sweat 3 on average.
1 times less than the opponents they sell, assuming the benefits of exercise still exist, and e-commerce is fair
Jack Wilson, chief scientist at the sports science agency, told Metro that bicycles could be a good introduction to people who feel they are not healthy enough to try to go to work by bike.
I also found folding bikes easy and it took about 35 seconds.
It\'s not as small as other brands, but it\'s small enough to fit in the train compartment even during peak hours.
The whole experience is not perfect.
Ride without a full comfort-
I like the frame bike and the battery indicator seems to fluctuate too much.
This bike will manage 35 km in eco mode, 25 km in normal mode and 20 km in sports mode-it\'s really the only thing worth using if you want to rush to the office
There is also the fact that under the shadow of more than 18 kg, you have to walk on the wagon and across platforms, which is a very circular process.
This may not be your problem if your commute does not include train travel, but there is no real need to choose the fold loop from the start.
In any case, these grievances are nothing more than a one-minute argument, because jumping on an electric bike on my way to and from work will reduce the bus ride by 45 minutes and become a 25-minute outdoor cruise, there is no time to waste fiddling with the shower or changing clothes.
Of course, if it doesn\'t rain.
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