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elon musk looking beyond cars -- is tesla\\\'s residential …

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-13
Elon Musk is like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat.
As a person who believes in the word \"chaos --
Maybe technology or marketing.
It can be said that his popularity is due to his ability to break the traditional chain, which has never been dared by the automotive industry.
He was scheduled to take one out of his hat in a design studio in California today, and there was a huge buzz in the air.
Tesla\'s investor relationship will present a new wall to them.
Installed household batteries and \"very big\" utilities
Battery pack of scale. Though grid-
There are already connected battery storage solutions and backup systems in the market, and the main limiting factors are traditional batteries-
The power supply system is large and consists of heavy lead-acid battery packs instead of lithium-
Ion battery pack, after successful implementation on the car.
With a market size of $29 billion and about 32,000 cars sold each year, Elon Musk has to show potential to investors outside the auto industry.
When the $5 billion Ji processing plant was announced, it made sense to diversify.
Tesla\'s home battery seems to be the right step in that direction.
Elon Musk wants to overtake Tesla\'s success in cars and revolutionize global utilities by combining rooftop solar and battery storage with domestic applications.
Tesla\'s 10kwhr residential storage unit has passed through Solar City (
Solar leasing company chaired by Elon himself)
Tesla will launch its in-
Deep features and applications.
Tesla brand wall-
The installed electrical storage unit will consist of thousands of small storage units
The capacity of 18650 cells is connected together in small clusters or \"bricks\", which are connected in parallel before being connected together as \"flakes.
\"Even if individual batteries fail, the design allows the battery pack to work.
This type of building will be relatively cheap, and Tesla can easily replace the defective \"brick\" without a large repair fee \".
The second life of the EV battery represents the potential to restore the battery by using some of the original features of the battery in another application, such as an energy storage battery or a secondary battery.
Tesla offers 100,000 battery life150,000 miles;
The second life of the battery can no longer provide 80% of the energy of the new battery or 80% of the peak power.
Tesla\'s strategy of using old batteries includes removing batteries with smaller capacity for smaller applications.
Tesla\'s and Nissan\'s plans for battery replacement are clear. Second-
Life battery is used as a battery storage system, using the second
Cheaper battery storage.
Tesla\'s residential storage unit will try to retain the batteries used in electric vehicles and renovate and install them in an energy storage system.
About 95% of the EV batteries will be discarded for recycling, or will only be ready for a second use at a single module level rather than on the entire battery pack.
Therefore, Tesla and Nissan have the ideal collection or procurement center to inspect and carefully handle the batteries to be refurbished and to guarantee accidents to customers
Free battery pack.
Legislation such as electronic directives for abandoned electrical appliances (WEEE)
It is expected to drive OEMs to develop a comprehensive recycling concept for electric vehicle batteries.
Tesla showed recycling and second.
Once the giga factory project is completed, the battery life is in use.
This will be Elon\'s first show.
Automotive products-
Jobs\'s style
Eagerly looking forward to the \"wow\" factor!
This article was written by Anjan Hemanth Kumar, project manager for power systems and electric vehicles for global automotive and transport practices at Frost & Sullivan.
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