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elon musk unveils shingles that could finally make rooftop solar sexy

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-13
The billionaire envisioned installing solar roofs and electric cars in the garage to power the home.
Later on Friday, Elon Musk launched a glass-powered glazed tile from the sun, a key step in Tesla\'s merger with his solar company SolarCity. At a 30-
The billionaire technology giant held a one-minute press conference at a film studio in Los Angeles, launching a wooden tile, some made to replicate traditional roof tiles, he said, he was designed to make the solar energy on the roof fashionable, just like his Tesla car made a zero --
Fashion emissions cars.
\"Just like electric cars don\'t look very good, they have low mileage and bad performance, they look like golf cars.
It\'s hard for people to buy electric cars, \"Musk told the crowd gathered at the outdoor event, which aired on the websites of Tesla and SolarCity.
\"Similar things need to happen with solar energy.
We need to make solar panels as attractive as electric cars.
Musk showed four houses with different styles of glass tiles-it looks like one of ABC\'s Desperate Housewives.
The first is to replicate the Tuscan terracotta warriors with a laminated coating.
The second is the design of the French slate.
The third model is the gray texture appearance that is common in suburban housing.
The fourth is fashionable and modern.
The photovoltaic cells embedded under the glass layer become visible as the tiles tilt in different directions.
Musk did not say how much sun tile would cost or when it would be available.
The wooden tile should not necessarily replace the solar panel business that supports SolarCity.
Instead, Musk says his goal is to replace about 5 million homeowners on a roof in a given year.
New solar tiles are more visually appealing than traditional wooden tiles or solar panels, he said.
\"Each house is a solar house over time,\" he said . \".
\"Over time, it\'s a community where aesthetics get better.
You\'ll want to call your neighbor and say, \'Look at the sweet roof.
Tesla bid for SolarCity in Junemade, hoping to merge these companies into one-
Stop buying clean energy.
The two companies will sell panels together to generate electricity, which will be stored in the Tesla Powerwall battery and charge the Tesla car in the garage.
The deal was attacked by skeptical Wall Street analysts, and it seems likely to win approval from shareholders when voting on November. 17.
After all, investors who buy shares in Tesla and SolarCity-Cash --
Hungry businesses that have historically struggled to make a profit are often one of Musk\'s most loyal followers.
Musk also announced an update to the $5,500 lithium battery Powerwall --
Ion batteries are used to store excess solar energy during the day and at night.
The new Powerwall doubles the energy available for storage and deployment.
\"You can sit 4-
\"The bedroom house, you can power your refrigerator, sockets and lights for a day,\" Musk said . \".
\"If you have solar energy in your home, you can supply unlimited power.
\"Nevertheless, the economy of storing energy in most parts of the United States may not make sense yet.
In most states, electricity is higher during the day and cheaper at night.
Through a process called net metering, utilities buy excess solar energy from homeowners at a higher daily rate.
When the sun sets, those customers will buy back electricity at a cheaper night price.
Only a few countries lack such policies.
\"Storage makes sense only if it is buying electricity at night and selling it more expensive during the day,\" said Brian Warshay, New Energy Finance analyst at Bloomberg, when Powerwall announced on May 2015, he told Huffington Post.
\"But most people don\'t enjoy these types of rates.
However, Musk focused on the big picture, outlining the vision of a distributed energy production system in which utilities, with the help of Tesla and SolarCity software, manage power grids supplied by large-scale clean energy
Rooftop solar energy for energy power plants and owners.
Along with Powerwall II, Musk launched a new Powerpack
Up batteries for utility companies.
He said Tesla has worked with utility companies in Southern California, Hawaii and New Zealand on three projects.
Musk said climate change due to carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels makes this energy transformation necessary.
At the beginning of the speech, Musk stood in front of a NASA chart showing a surge in the amount of carbon particles in the atmosphere that capture the heat of the sun and cause global warming.
\"The future of electricity is bright,\" he said . \"
\"This is a very bright future for utilities and roofs.
Musk is not the first company to launch solar panel products.
But for an energy or car executive, the star\'s influence is almost unprecedented, and he may be the highest --
Profile to try.
\"This person inspires the charm of imagination, and he does bring some sort of panic to the matter,\" Tensie Whelan, director of the stern Sustainable Business Center at New York University, told Huffington Post before the announcement.
\"The way he thinks in the system is very interesting-connecting the roof, the battery and the car.
A broader, fully integrated solution is wise.
Still, the solar roof market is still an emerging industry with more losers than winners.
Dow Chemical, industrial giant
In June, five years after predicting that the product would attract $1 billion and capture a solar panel, the company stopped solar panels.
Fifth market.
In the past few years, at least a dozen companies that produce similar products have closed down or gone bankrupt.
There seem to be a few successes.
French behemoth, for example
Shortly after the Dow went public, goban launched solar panels but is still selling products called Apollo II.
Luma Resources, a small startup based in southern Michigan, has spent nine years honing its solar roof products.
It has installed about 750,000 watts, enough to accommodate about 150 to 200 families in the United States. S.
Canada and Jamaica.
Robert Allen, president of the company, attributed his stamina to his early days as a roofing worker and his perception of the product.
\"Musk is facing a bigger challenge than he thinks to create a solar roof,\" Allen recently told Huffington Post . \".
But carmakers-almost all of which are now launching electric cars that compete with Musk-may have said the same to Tesla.
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