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envia claims ‘breakthrough’ in lithium-ion battery cost and energy density

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-14
California-based battery maker Envia Systems announced Monday that it called a \"major breakthrough\" in lithium\"
Ion battery technology will lead to a significant increase in energy density
A substantial reduction in costs-of lithium-
Ion battery pack.
Envia by Doe and G. M.
Venture capital, venture capital
The capital sector of GM and other investors.
We will be able to make smaller car packs, smaller in weight and cheaper, \"said Atur cappadia, chairman and chief executive of Envia in a telephone interview.
\"The cost of the battery is less than half --
Maybe 45%
Today, the energy density of the battery will be nearly three times that of the traditional car battery. âx80x9dMr.
Kapadia continued: what we have is not a demonstration, not an experiment, but an actual product.
We can finish the car production in a year and a half.
Founded in 2007 and has obtained some technical licensing from the Argonne National Laboratory, in 2009, the Energy Department\'s ARPA awarded $4 million --
Funding projects for advanced energy research.
As a founding principle, the project aims to \"develop lithium-
Ion batteries with the highest energy density in the world.
\"These advances are attributed to the company\'s proprietary cathode, anode and electrolyte materials, including manganese for cathode. G. M.
When Ventures announced a $7 million investment in Envia last year, it noted that the company\'s materials would \"store more energy per unit of mass than current cathode materials \".
Because the cathode is a \"key driver\" of packaging costs, venture says, \"The more energy the cathode provides, the lower the battery cost, because the less batteries are needed.
Envia\'s statement says its package will provide 400 watts of battery energy
The cost per kilowatt hour per kilogram is $150hour.
Although Tesla did not disclose the cost breakdown, it set the energy density of the sports car at 121 Watts.
Hourly per kilogram
Envia says it\'s energy.
In the testing of the prototype unit by the Crane evaluation department of the naval operations center, the density performance was verified.
If this is true, it\'s a huge breakthrough because the main problem with battery cars is cost, \"said David Cole, honorary chairman of the automotive research center, A non-profit research organization based in Michigan said in a telephone interview.
\"Now, lithium
The price of ion batteries is about three times that of reasonable commercial use.
This cost target is the holy grail, and it starts once it is reached.
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