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GSL ENERGY successfully offered smart sunflower system 10kwh solution to home clients


After 30 days production, GSL ENERGY finally successfully hlephome LED client to install 3kwh smart solar sunflowers storage system 10kwh today.
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The system is made by max 3kwh special-shape solar panels, 5kva smart hybrid solar inverter and 10kwh lifepo4 powerwall battery inside. The sunflower system can generate 12kwh at max each day. It is single axis type, so it can trace the sun from the East in the morning, then from the West in the afternoon, which can help prove 20% solar system efficiency than common fixed ground or rooftop solar panels at same capacity.

“This is our latest products all in one smart patented solar sunflowers system products,” said by Mr.Jim Deng, CEO of GSL ENERGY, “ we at present develop smart solar sunflowers system not only trace the sun from east to west, but also it can collect its solar panel back for protection , just like an umbrella.  This is a actual mobile and adjustable solar generation storage system.”

GSL ENERGY smart sunflower system was designed like a tree , full system was supported by a main metal heavy pole to support 12pcs solar flower-shaped solar panels. Full solar sunflower will cover 5*5=25m2 . Each solar panel is length at 2.5m, width at 0.8m. GSL ENERGY sunflower system biggest feature is that it can automatically trace the sun as moving. It is GSL self-developed GPS sun tracing system, which can make our sunflower to trace the sun exactly , but also according to cloudy days, the solar panel can trace the sun position to move horizontally and automatically , always keeping solar panel to get max generate efficiency. This postion system can make solar system more efficient to reach 40%. One set solar sunflower system can produce 15kwh -20kwh each day. “

GSL ENERGY sunflower system can have function setup of the three-axis tracking system, which can make smart sun flower can be folded. When the sun rises in the morning, the leaves of the smart sun flower will automatically expand; and the maximum energy will be generated by setting the leaves 90 degrees perpendicular to the sun. In the evening, the solar panel leaves will be set up to return to sleep and are automatically folded back. 

“GS ENERGY smart sun flower is also equipped with a wind speed sensor. When the wind exceeds 7 levels for 5 minutes, the blades will flatten; and the wind exceeds 8 levels, the blades will be automatically folded away." Yu Yang said, BY using sunflower bionics, the sunflower system design not only improves the efficiency of power generation, but also reduces losses. 

So far, GS ENERGY smart sunflower system has been sold to many countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Egypt, Lebanon, etc, since it was developed and launched in in September 2019. It is widely used mainly for school research, scenic spots in remote areas, home-stays, etc. Of course, these areas are not convenient to get grid power at all. For example, some island hotels, long border lines or remote base stations, the traditional power supply method requires a lot of manpower, material resources, and high costs. The mobile and easy-to-install feature of GSL ENERGY smart Sunflower just solves this problem.

After installation, the round solar panel blade looks like a large sunshade, which can be used by the people to rest. Combined with the color matching, the new and beautiful shape can also beautify the environment and even become a beautiful landscape on the commercial square. Since 2006, GSL ENERGY has been committed to building integrated photovoltaic power stations and photovoltaic products. In 2019, it developed a series of solar photovoltaic peripheral products such as smart sunflower system and successfully achieved transformation.  Although affected by the COVID-19 for a few months, the sales of GSL ENERGY smart sunflower systems have reached 2 million USD already. We have once again ushered in a good time for the development of clean energy!

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