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Halifax professor wins $1-million science prize for Tesla battery research

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
Working with Tesla to produce better lithium, Professor Halifax
The ion Battery won $1.
The Canadian top science award is the one in millions. Dr.
Jeff Dane of Dalhousie University is set to win the Canadian Hertzberg science and engineering gold medal in Ottawa on Tuesday night.
The university says the 60-year-old Dahn is one of the world\'s leading battery researchers dedicated to lithium and lithium-
Ion batteries began in 1978.
Last summer, he started five.
An annual exclusive research partnership with Tesla Motors, a California electric vehicle company headed by CEO Elon Musk.
\"Some of their goals are to develop lithium-
Cheaper, stronger and more durable ion batteries for energy storage in automobiles and power grids, thus helping to ensure the wide application of electric vehicles and renewable energy, according to the Canadian commission for natural science and engineering research, the Commission awarded the husky award.
Dahn has been working to find new materials to meet the growing demand for batteries while increasing production, storage and sustainability, said darhousie.
Dahn is a pioneer in mobile devices batteries, helping to make lithium-
The Research Committee says ion batteries are \"part of our daily lives \".
It says Dahn has done basic research on all the materials used in lithium
Ion batteries and help invent some positive
Electrode materials used in lithium
Ion batteries for power tools, power grid energy storage and electric vehicles.
\"Facing proof of lithium-
Dahn and his team have invented a high battery that can be built for 20 years without waiting for 20 years
\"The precision tester can accurately determine the battery life in a few weeks rather than decades,\" the commission said . \".
Two companies were stripped from Dahn labs in Dalhousie.
\"In my career, the combination of basic science and applied science has always been a trademark.
\"I will use the hezberg award to help Dalhousie University stay exceptional in battery research,\" Dahn said in a statement . \".
Dahn was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
He moved to Nova Scotia with his family in 1970.
The university said it was the third time in four years that a dachaoxi researcher had won the husky award.
Dahn also won the governor\'s Innovation Award last year.
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