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Honda CRZ

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
CRZ is a hybrid, but forget it.
It\'s really fun!
Honda has launched the world\'s first \"sports hybrid\" CRZ.
This is a compact 2 2 car that uses a lot of parts from the excellent Honda Jazz super mini.
CRZ looks much like the spiritual successor of the famous CRX
A sports hatchback in his 80 s, most boys drew it in a copybook when they were young.
In fact, I\'m sure I designed the original when I was still wearing shorts! The two-
Darts for door CRX
Like, purposeful, very easy to identify-
Contrary to the more fluid design trends in most Europe
But if you are a fan of the original CRX, you will love it.
Thanks to modern materials, the appearance has become somewhat wrinkled and raised, increasing the sense of movement.
The interior of the CRZ is a strict 2 2, and the rear space is damaged, but you can forgive this because it is a cheeky car with a rear space for two children (
If you are familiar with Honda\'s Insight hybrid, the switchgear and meter will be recognizable.
There is a lot to do and this is your cabin if you like your buttons and LED display.
The seat position is low and athletic, but for those who prefer to direct the road more, the driver\'s seat is highly adjustable.
The shape of the CRZ means rear visibility is also affected, but to be honest, it\'s a car that is very focused on moving forward.
The hybrid comes from internal combustion engines and electric motors.
This engine is the evolution of Honda 1. 4-
Gasoline unit (rework to 1.
5 liters), providing 114bhp, but when combined with the additional motor, the power output of the CRZ will rise to about 12bhp.
The electric motor offers good low-end torque, but as a Honda, the CRZ will provide a lot of power in the rev range.
The CRZ provides lively performance and good fuel consumption data, with an average of 5 liters of fuel per 100 km (56 miles.
The CRZ is small, flexible and green.
It falls under the tax scope \"a\", so the road tax is low every year, but you would think that the hybrid of this deed would be very, very green and CRZ would not (117g/CO 2 ).
Honda has used a very simple method in its current hybrid, the parallel hybrid. up.
Unlike Toyota Prius, CRZ\'s gasoline engine has been running --
Bar when the standard \"stop/start\" system is up.
The motor \"mix\" section only starts when needed to provide additional power.
Honda uses older rechargeable battery technology, not the most popular lithium-ion battery at the moment.
Still, Honda says there is no reliability problem with its batteries.
I found it easy to forget that I was driving a hybrid because CRZ was just a fun car.
The driver can select the type of \"driving mode\" the car uses I by touching the button. e.
Ecological, normal and athletic.
These models tell cars electronically how to power.
CRZ is also hard to get up to five stars in the EuroNCAP crash test.
There are two specifications for CRZ: a \"sport\" of 26,300 euros and a \"g\" of 29,400 euros to get all the extra toys you expect.
Cheaper \"s\" class CRZ will be launched next spring.
Honda expects to sell 80 CRZs in Ireland in 2011.
Early Adopters will love hybrid Highlands while having a little fun behind the steering wheel.
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