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How to Buy a Laptop with Good Battery Life and Tips to Save Power on Laptops

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
The first step to buying tips is to look for models with good battery life.
Many manufacturers make extravagant demands, but these are often based on \"perfect\" conditions that are difficult to replicate in reality. world use.
Before choosing a model, take a look at the reviews in BrightHub and computer magazines as they often give you a more realistic idea of how much battery life you can expect.
Model with Entity
The State drive can consume less power.
This is because these drives don\'t have any moving parts: unlike traditional hard drives, the drives don\'t need to rotate, or have the read/write head move on disk.
These drives are more expensive at the moment, however, so you can usually only find them at high pricesend models.
Laptop screens usually work with lights
The source shines through the screen.
Some modern laptops use lights
LEDs (LEDs) provide this light instead of conventional fluorescent lamps.
The power of these LED models is much smaller. hungry.
Model of silver
Zinc batteries can be 50% longer than ordinary lithium batteries-ion batteries.
They should also work longer before battery life begins to drop.
However, just like solid
State drives, these models tend to be more expensive, so you may have to consider tradingoff in price.
If you want to be real green, it\'s worth looking at the laptop bags and backpacks of the Voltaic Series, which not only can carry your laptop with you, but also charge special batteries with solar power!
The company claims direct sunlight is enough to charge your battery once a day.
You can also purchase a solar laptop battery charger.
Tips for saving battery power you may find that you can reduce the brightness of your laptop monitor without affecting performance.
This is because most machines are set up very bright in case they need to be displayed in the store (each screen is vying for attention ).
You may save a lot of power if you can reduce the brightness.
When running from a battery power supply, it is best to avoid using a CD/DVD drive because the rotation of the disc absorbs a lot of juice.
Within the scope of copyright law, your best choice is to copy your content to your hard drive before traveling.
Unless the laptop is running on the power supply, avoid charging any USB device via the laptop.
In fact, it is better to remove any USB devices that you do not actively use as they continue to power when they are \"idle.
Turn off your wireless Internet feature when you don\'t need to be online.
If you leave it on, it will continue to look for connections (even in vain) to make your computer work harder.
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