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How to Prevent Phones from Exploding?
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How to Prevent Phones from Exploding?


Currently, with the evolving technology,the lithium batteries are widely spread and are used by almost everyone who is in a position of accessing a device. Many gadgets that are daily used like cell phones, laptops, e-cigarettes, children’s toys, smoke detectors, are all powered with the lithium-ion batteries. The batteries mostly operate and functions perfectly well without any issue, but there are various situations where you will notice that they may explode due to some reasons. Lithium battery suppliers manufacture batteries that are small in size yet they store a large amount of power, and this may overheat when frequently used which can make them catch fire or rather explode. 

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Signs That Shows a Battery Has an Issue

A lithium-ion battery may be detected to contain an issue if it has phenomenon like excessively overheating, leaking, producing some strange odor, strange noises, or even it changes its shape or color. When you notice any among the mentioned behaviors in your lithium-ion battery, you need to immediately stop using it, ensure they are far from flammable materials and in case of an emergency and call for help.

Signs Your Phone Can Explode At Any Time

The issue with the phones exploding is not a piece of news which can attract much attention in recent days. Batteries are used in that they may make the phone to explode. Your phone may be at the verge of exploding if;

•  The phone is excessively hot mostly when it is being charged, and it can't cool down easily.

•  The back of the phone produces some hissing sound.

•  There is a bulge when you turn your phone at its back. 

•  In case you realize there is swelling and bulging of the batteries in your phone.

When you realize any signs among the above ones from your phone, be prepared to take precautions because the phone might explode or catch fire at any time. You should, first of all, remove it from a power source if it was charging. And if not, don't charge it. Place it on the surface that is non-combustible for sometimes. You can return it where you purchased it so that it can be examined by the lithium battery manufacturers.

How to Prevent Phone Explosion

When there is excess pressure exerted on the phone, and you realize it mostly overcharges, which lead to excess heating, might be the main causes of the battery to explode hence the entire phone. When the phone is about to explode, it swells up, overheats then explode. However, you shouldn't be paranoid with the incidence; rather; you need to look for the best solution towards the problem. You can decide to use the original phone’s charger without moving to others, never leave the phone plugged in after it is completely charged, and ensure your phone is not in the back pocket. 

Circuit Protection

Lithium battery manufacturers recommend that since lithium-ion batteries may explode due to overheating, they are protected with a circuit which ensures that current and voltage are at the prescribed and safe limits. However, the circuiting adds up towards the battery’s cost.

Just like other batteries, lithium-ion has some limitations too, and it should not discourage you because these batteries are still being improved by the lithium battery suppliers to ensure they change their components to better. With the latest technology, there is the lithium-polymer battery which now out-stands lithium-ion batteries but still from the same manufacturer, but they are still being processed to be affordable and durable.

Lithium battery suppliers also strive hard to invent a solution to prevent lithium batteries from exploding. The suppliers ensure that anode and cathode can’t meet since it may lead to explosions. There have been few processing errors where anode and cathode touch are leading to various explosions, but they are being corrected by the suppliers by being more accurate.

Mostly, some explosions are meant from issues with the charging system. Batteries have commanded software in them that commands them on the speed of being charged and the amount of power to receive. In case such protocols happen to have an error, there might be chemical destabilization in batteries. 

If devices are shoddily manufactured, there might be explosions. It might cause metal scraps among other unwanted objects to access in the battery in the process of making the phone, and this will eventually set off thermal runaway automatically during the phone’s fast charge hence leads to explosions. Lithium battery suppliers are coming up with a way to reduce such shoddy manufactures.

Overheating may reason for exploding too. The main cause of overheating is the metal being used to make phones that make them extremely hot. Some phones are designed to notify you to turn them off when they are too hot. When batteries are charged faster or charged for long periods, they may heat and fail. 

Your phone behavior may be affected by the rate you drop it. Effect of dropping may cause the cathode and anode separator to break, and when they meet which causes an explosion. Lithium battery suppliers are trying their best to put a strong separator between anode and cathode, and you also need to be cautious with your phone. It is good for people to be cautious in case of any dangers that might arise due to poor and improper usage of such batteries and rely on the side of good batteries safety tips which may prevent explosions or fire.

Safety Battery Tips

The tips here will be of great help to you to avoid fires, overheats, among other problems:

•  Ensure the device you used is examined in qualified laboratories.

•  Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

•  Use the batteries that were specifically meant for your phone.

•  Always ensure batteries are installed, not out of your phone.

•  Use the original charging device of the phone.

•  Ensure your device is not placed on a couch, bed, or a device that can easily catch heat when it charges.

•  Ensure batteries are stored at average room temperature and not in direct sunlight or any flammable material.

You should always beware for anything that might happen with your device, and if they explode or catch fire with having followed all the above descriptions, and still under warranty period, then you need to take it back to the suppliers so that they may examine the problem.