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how to replace a mobile phone battery

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-13
With the popularity and constant use of mobile phones, it is common to replace parts to keep your own connections.
If you haven\'t experienced it yet, or are currently experiencing a situation where the battery is running out, you are now or in the future in the market for replacing the cell phone battery.
There are many mobile phone operators and manufacturers, but the concept of replacing the cell phone battery is exactly the same.
So no matter what phone you have, these steps are likely to be very useful for how you replace your phone\'s battery.
In this tutorial, I will use images showing four different phones that are removing the battery.
This is to illustrate the similarities between mobile phones and the slight differences between them.
The four mobile phones used in the following pictures and their display methods: LG Rumor Touch (upper left), LG CU500 (upper right)
, Kyocera Adreno S2400 (bottom left)
And Kyocera loft (bottom right).
First of all, buy a new cell phone battery. After making sure you need a new cell phone battery, the first thing you need to do is buy one.
There are several ways to solve this problem.
Bring your phone to your carrier for replacement. Contact the manufacturer using your user manual or go to their website to order directSearch online for replacement (e. g.
Find replacement batteries for LG Rumor Touch)
If there is no problem, or if there are multiple batteries in the search, follow these steps to access the battery and use the serial number to specifically search for the battery you need.
Usually you can find better deals on the Internet, but be careful that cheap counterfeit batteries may make you replace your batteries faster.
Replacing the electronic battery with the manufacturer\'s battery is always the best.
Step 1: First turn off the power of the phone, the most important thing is to turn off the phone.
Each phone has a turn-off function such as a dedicated power button or hold down the hang-up button.
Whatever it is, turn off the phone first before turning it on.
Why are you shutting down?
The impact is controversial and will vary by phone.
However, this is only a prudent operation as some people report data loss and setup issues.
Then, it is also called soft reset to remove the battery when the mobile phone is charged. For problems, such as freezing the screen, it is recommended to use it.
I will put it where it is safe and powered off.
Step 2: remove the cell phone battery cover the next step is to open the phone and find a small arrow or a label that can be pressed to release the phone case.
Some phones may not have any instructions on how to turn on.
These types of phones may have screws that hold the back plate in place (
This is the case with some Nokia phones)
, Or you may just need to press and slide the plating on the back.
If you are not sure, the best course of action is to consult the user manual of the phone or visit the manufacturer\'s website.
You can search your phone here to find your User Manual: mobile phone manual Step 3: remove the battery from your phone as the case is off and we can use the battery.
In the case of LG CU500, the back panel is a battery, so step by step! What a deal!
For the rest of the phones I use in the demo, I am looking for a small groove or notch to create space between the battery and the phone frame.
This small space allows me to pry the battery out with my nails or a small object.
This method will alleviate the need to put the phone in the palm of the hand, hoping that the battery will pop up, which for me usually ends with the battery flying from my hand to the floor. Step 4 (Optional)
: Cleaning the mobile phone battery terminal according to the condition of the battery terminal, this step is optional.
Sometimes the battery terminals are dirty or corroded.
If so, take a cotton swab (a Q-tip works best)
And some alcohol.
Wipe the cotton swab with alcohol and wipe the terminal clean.
This will ensure good contact and extend the life of the battery.
You can also do this as preventive maintenance, regularly cleaning the terminals on the battery and the internal connection terminals of the phone.
Recycle cell phone batteries!
Don\'t throw the battery of your phone in the trash!
Check how to recycle the battery in your area, or you can find the program online: http: Step 5: replace the battery on your phone this step can almost reverse everything you just finished.
You should already have a new battery for your phone, or at least now have a serial number that you can get from your existing battery to help you order the right parts.
Once you have the battery, follow the opposite steps and let you use the phone again.
Step 6: charge the new mobile phone battery. You have the battery, everything is restored, we have the power when you turn on the phone!
While your battery life may be small, you do have power.
Don\'t rush to plug in your phone.
Instead, check your user manual and look at the manufacturer\'s advice.
Some say let the new battery run out of power at all and charge it.
Do this a few more times before you start charging with the battery, instead of running out all the way.
Doing so may extend your battery life and give you a more lasting relationship with your phone.
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