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juha saarinen: the heat is on for cheaper solar power

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-09
Comment: As the Earth heats up and burns due to carbon emissions, who will not be keen on solar power?
Technology better and better.
The panels are cheaper and easier to get, but solar seems to be a long way from personal power generation.
To find out why reading Transpower 2019 Te Mauri Hiko focuses on solar energy.
This makes reading interesting and puts solar energy in perspective, although this is provided by grid operators who have a vested interest in building on the status quo.
All in all, New Zealand has plenty of sunshine and enough space to place panels to generate a lot of energy.
Transpower estimates that solar energy will be cheaper than natural gas and wind energy by 2050.
Yes, solar energy makes sense.
If so, why don\'t we all go to solar?
The economy of solar energy is still difficult for smaller devices.
You need batteries to store energy, and they are expensive.
I asked a meridian.
Approved suppliers offer offers for five suppliers
KW system, using 275-
Photovoltaic panels in Watt.
It costs less than $30,000, with 14 KW Tesla Powerwall 2 accounting for half of the cost.
I might actually need a more powerful panel and two Tesla batteries.
So it looks like I\'m stuck with Meridian expensive power for 37c/kWH and $2.
Charge every day until I can DIY a cheaper, smaller solar device.
Transpower\'s data shows that if there is no battery, the roof solar energy-
22 degrees Celsius/kWh is a little cheaper than the average retail price of 27 degrees Celsius/kWh in New Zealand.
But to succeed in solar power, batteries are essential.
Maybe the improvement of graphene nanotubes and electrolyte liquids will increase the price
The performance ratio of solar power generation batteries in the future, provided that they can be mass produced at a cheap enough price.
At the same time, Transpower shows large
Solar cells generated by scale utilities-
At present, our retail price is around 23c/kWh.
This, and the tens of millions of dollars in savings that South Australia has seen a large number of Tesla batteries added to the grid, suggest that large utilities can take advantage of economies of scale that individuals cannot access.
Because of this, in order to make full use of solar energy, the dream is to lift the connection of the power grid.
Only rich people have power.
Transpower calculates that an average family needs a large one (51kW)
The purchase and installation of roof systems will cost $100,000.
This is after cutting household energy demand by a quarter and adding $28,000 --
If you can get one, charge the Nissan Leaf electric car to a 40 kWh battery to power the Home app. (
A Tesla Powerwall 2 offers 13.
In contrast, the available energy is 5kWh. )
Solar energy has the prospect of sustainable energy generation, helping to minimize carbon burning, but we need to consider how to use solar energy economically.
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