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Lithium-ion batteries for e-cigarette caused fire on WestJet flight: TSB

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
According to a report from the Transportation Safety Board, the ion battery was the cause of the fire in the baggage compartment of WestJet flight, which had to land urgently shortly after taking off from Calgary on last June.
WestJet Flight 113 took off after 6: 30 a. m. with 53 passengers on board. m.
June 14, 2018.
It has reached a height of about 3,000. 9,000 feet —
When the fire warning light is on
WestJet flight made an emergency landing in the CalgaryFlight crew as per cargo fire fighting procedures, remotely unloaded a fire-fighting bottle in the cargo hold, then declared as \"May Day\" and then returned to Calgary.
About 10 minutes later, the plane landed and was inspected by firefighters.
\"No visual signs of the fire were noticed and no hot spots were detected in infrared camera imaging,\" the TSB reported . \".
Passengers and crew were removed from the plane before the cargo door was opened.
When the door of the goods was opened, a bag was found, facing down, showing signs of fire damage.
Fire damage was also found near the bag on the fire-
Liner-resistant cargo hold.
\"The fire did not penetrate the cargo liner or aluminum floor structure and was controlled in an area of about 24 inch by 24 inch,\" the report wrote . \".
\"The Burnt baggage was unloaded and separated, and then all the other passenger baggage was unloaded.
\"The cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder were sent to a laboratory in Ottawa that showed that the crew had no other warnings or alarms other than the indicator light.
Passengers on fire with luggage are reported to fly frequently for commercial purposes and are aware of WestJet\'s opposition to lithium release policy
Ion in checked baggage\"Passengers. . .
Accidentally packed two spare lithium.
The ion battery of his electronicscigarette . . .
In the front pocket of the bag.
\"There are also dry herbal vaporizers, portable speakers and USB cables in the pockets,\" the report wrote . \".
The passenger arrived at the airport and checked his bag in. He took his e-
Cigarettes and two other types of lithium
Put ion batteries into the cabin as required by WestJet e-commerce policycigarettes.
\"Checked baggage is checked through passenger baggage security and is loaded into the rear and lower baggage compartment of the aircraft with two spare lithium-ion batteries.
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