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lithium-ion battery fires could turn boeing dreamliner …

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-14
Boeing\'s Dreamliner may have become a nightmare for the company, its airline customers and global regulators.
Lithium on board
On Wednesday, an ion battery fire broke out over Japan at air 787, forcing an emergency landing.
Last week, another battery fire broke out on a Japanese airline flight 787 at Boston Logan International Airport.
According to the United States, both battery failures resulted in the release of flammable electrolyte, heat damage and smoke on the aircraftS.
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
The FAA ordered WednesdayS.
In order to avoid the risk of additional battery fires, operators must temporarily ground the aircraft.
Before any dream flight resumes its flight, operators in the United StatesS. -
The 787 registered must prove to the FAA that the battery is safe.
According to a statement issued by the FAA, \"these battery problems, if not corrected, may result in damage to key systems and structures, and the possibility of fire in the electrical compartment ,\", they are investigating.
GS Yuasa was not mentioned in the statement.
The company that made 78 7 batteries did not specifically ask Boeing to show battery safety.
In addition to reviewing the design, manufacture and assembly of the aircraft, the FAA said that, it will also verify that the battery and battery systems on the aircraft comply with the \"special conditions\" issued by the agency as part of the 78 7 certification \".
In this case, Boeing has taken a series of protective measures to ensure that the battery will not fail, resulting in the same problem that the company is facing now.
As outlined in Patrick Smith\'s \"ask pilots\" blog post on January 16, the short history of 78 7 is full of battery and mechanical problems.
787 rely on two identical lithium-
According to the New York Times on Thursday, the ion battery, each battery is about twice the size of the ordinary car battery, half to twice.
1 battery start auxiliary power device (
A small tail engine that powers the aircraft on the ground)
, Another computer that starts the pilot shows and acts as a backup of the flight system.
Currently, United Airlines is the only one in the United States. S.
The airline, which runs 787, has six aircraft in service.
On Wednesday, the Sky announced that all 17 of its Dreamliners would be grounded, while Japan Airlines also suspended seven 787 aircraft before the security investigation.
Boeing CEO Jim mcnani responded to the FAA directive to stop the 787 flight, stating that the company is helping to solve the problem \"around the clock\" and \"believes 787 is safe\"
\"The 787 Dreamliner is a medium-sized aircraft that is able to fly longer direct flights with cleaner, more humid cabin air pressure, making passengers feel like they are 1,800, instead of the usual 2,400.
This modification is achieved by the use of carbon fiber, which is stronger, lighter and rusted
Compared to the typical aluminum body, the resistance.
This advantage also enables Boeing to make aircraft with larger windows that have electrically discolored shadows that automatically darken in bright sunlight.
At 2011, after three-
787 became the first commercial aircraft made primarily of carbon fiber shells, saving airlines 20% of their fuel. Lithium-ion batteries--
Used to power mobile phones, laptops and electric vehicles-
During their relatively brief existence, there was a lot of controversy.
Launched commercially in 1991, and by 2000, they were notorious for causing a fire on their laptops.
Recently, this plugin
Hybrid Chevrolet Volt\'s lithium-
Following several times, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Test the vehicle\'s ability to protect its occupants from damage in side collisions.
NHTSA investigated and concluded on January 2012 that Chevrolet Volt and other electric vehicles do not pose a greater risk of fire than gasoline
Power car.
Bloomberg and The Associated Press reported on Thursday that GS Yuasa said it could take several months to investigate the cause of the incident.
The key question is whether the problem is caused by the battery itself or the entire electrical system.
Pictures of all-day air carrier Boeing 787-
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