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munoth industries to set up lithium-ion cell plant in a.p. - …

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-14
Munoth-based industrial company announced on Wednesday the establishment of a lithium-
It is said to be the first ion battery manufacturing plant in India, with an investment of 799 crore.
The plant will target the mobile phone industry in the first phase and will be put into production at Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh.
The first phase of the project will be operational in March 2019 and the second and third phases will be operational in 2022.
Munoth industry was involved in the distribution of mobile phones earlier, but is now focusing on making lithium-
Lithium ion battery, MD Vikas Munoth.
He added that in the first phase, the company invested in the Nook crcrore, and under different plans, the company will receive about 25 crore subsidies from the center and the country.
The plant is expected to create jobs for about 1,700 people.
MD said that in the first phase, the company aims to increase the capacity of 2 lakh Ah and the second phase will increase to 5 lakh Ah and then to 10 lakh Ah
\"The current consumption of the battery is about 400-
Mobile phones, including replacement, are 0. 45 billion a year, and power banks are about 100 million a year, \"said Pankaj Mahindroo, president of the Indian mobile Association.
Jaswant Munoth, chairman of Munoth Industries, said that the company\'s goal is to occupy about 6% of the market share in the first phase of production in the mobile phone industry.
The company works with better power companies in China
Based on the company, the technology used to make lithium
Ion batteries in IndiaVikas Munoth.
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