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My cute new electric car? It\'s a little ray of sunshine

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
Since my new electric car appeared in this era (15/2), the letter to the editor has taken a different view of its consequences.
A writer claims that people like me are not \"honest \";
The second is diesel and the third is the real danger of nuclear energy.
It seems that everyone is ignoring solar energy.
The solar panels on the roof of my office can charge my cara four-door, five-
A two-seat hatchback with lithium-ion batteries, where the fuel tank is placed.
The genius of Harcourt designer Ross Blade is to produce a car that is the same as the user.
Friendly, with all the acceleration, performance and accessories equivalent to gasoline, but can be charged from the sun or in the wind.
Australia embraced the grid
Since the federal government doubled last year\'s rebate to $8000, the number of connected solar systems has surged.
Since then, system installations that generate solar energy during the day and draw power from the main grid at night or cloudy have increased by 500%. This two-
The flow of electricity is automatic without any maintenance or battery.
You will buy the main power supply when you need it, and when you have excess, you will \"sell\" solar energy.
This system should be mandatory for all new homes and major renovations, as hot summer threatens power outages, just as these solar systems deliver peak power to the grid.
In a year, the solar system
Spending $14,000, minus $8000 in government rebates and another $500 in renewable energy credit --
It will generate the electricity needed to invest about $5500.
This is before the price of electricity could rise by 25% to 30% over the next three years.
Solar panels will last for 30 years and, according to the US government\'s Renewable Energy Laboratory, will generate the energy needed to make solar panels in 18 months or less.
But even if you don\'t consider adding $5500 to your mortgage, green energy is there, and it\'s a great plan to allow anyone to pay extra on the electricity bill, let all the electricity bills be generated by solar or wind energy.
The system is fully audited and will not raise serious doubts about the numerous \"carbon offsets\" plans currently available.
Once you have registered green power, your certified power retailer will generate-
From wind or solar-
The same amount of electricity you consume.
Of course, you won\'t let \"green electronics\" into your house, but the grid will increase the capacity of renewable energy --
Reduced coal capacity
Someone signs up every time.
More than 600,000 Australian households and businesses now buy green energy.
The South Australian government will use green energy to become a carbon emitter.
Neutral government by 2020.
If every business and family that has the ability to do so buys green power or installs the grid --
Connecting the system, we never need to build another coal.
And can start closing them.
So when I say that anyone who can afford this electric car can charge with solar energy, I\'m not being dishonest.
In the evening, I charged my car with 100% solar green electricity and it cost me about 97 cents for 100
Km top up, will save up to $4000 a year in gasoline and oil costs compared to my smelly petrol vehicle
That\'s the price of gasoline today.
These savings help make a viable proposal for blade runners.
There is no reason why there is no green charging station in the supermarket, in the parking lot or in the school.
Victorian people clearly want their government to \"clean up\" transportation: in a daily survey on Saturday, 81% of readers of The Age supported the purchase of hybrid cars for government fleets.
How about green power for the Melbourne tram network?
Must be the first solar energy in the world.
Electric tram network is a good tool for tourism marketing.
Let\'s put down the cargo worship mentality waiting for cheap solar energy to drop from the sky. It has.
In more than 20 years of articles on renewable energy, I see costs drop by around 75%. Solar-
There are electric houses, offices and cars right now. Honest.
Alan Gray is the editor of Earth Garden magazine.
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