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NTSB Thinks the 787 Isn\'t Safe to Fly

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
There are now 140 Boeing 787 Dreamliners flying with airlines around the world.
Passengers love the 778 spacious and airy cabin with large windows and cutting
Advanced entertainment technology.
Last year\'s battery fire caused the entire 787 fleet to be grounded for three months. The problem seems to be far behind it. Or are they?
The National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration disagree on the issue of flight 787 being approved to fly again.
The board raised new concerns about the way lithium is done
Ion batteries used to power critical systems on 787 are tested to ensure their safety
Even more rigorous testing is recommended.
More police say Christie\'s retaliation for lingering problems and confusion about the dangers posed by batteries shows that Boeing and regulators lack transparency in dealing with new and relatively untested technologies for aircraft applications.
NTSB is obviously not satisfied with the steps taken by the FAA so far to understand the specific risks of lithium tape
\"Aircraft manufacturers\" said, \"additional requirements and tests are required to be evaluated to ensure the aircraft-level safety.
\"NTSB investigated the first of the two emergencies that caused 787 flights to be grounded. on January 7, a fire broke out on a Japanese airline flight 787 parked at the gate of Boston Logan International Airport, it is still burning, although at the end of April 2013, the FAA accepted Boeing\'s modifications to the installation of the battery system, which is enough to bring the fleet back into the air.
Read more reviews about Obama\'s delay in deportation NTSB, Boeing, battery manufacturers and various other technical teams have conducted thousands of hours of testing, but failed to accurately replicate the cause of the Boston fire.
It has been determined that a short circuit will cause the heat to get out of control in one battery of the battery, then spread to other batteries and eventually fry the whole battery --
And caused extensive damage to the rear electronic compartment where the battery is located.
What is the cause of the short circuit?
Read more corners to review the grounding of its health care, 787, and the Federal Aviation Administration announced that the fire was \"unsafe.
\"Then, Boeing convinced regulators that it could solve the problem in a way that would allow 787 to return safely to airline services.
Boeing did not find an initial trigger for Heat runaway, assuring the FAA that the aircraft would not be threatened if the same thing happened again.
They have sealed the battery in an armored box, which they say ensures there is no oxygen to light the fire, and at the same time, they have installed a pipe, used to discharge gas from the box and outside the plane.
Ray Conner, president of Boeing commercial aircraft, said the repair would \"prevent overheating of batteries from affecting the aircraft or being noticed by passengers.
\"When reading more information about the Long Island school ban on backpacking, the FAA proves that 787 aircraft can fly safely.
NTSB is not regulated, it investigates what was found during the investigation and makes a recommendation to the FAA.
Last week, it made five suggestions for lithium testing and certificationion batteries.
Read more about how the hacker mouse Sabu got rid of these suggestions, \"the FAA has developed a policy to establish . . . . . . A group of independent technical experts on compliance methods and the safety of using new technologies on new or existing aircraft.
On the surface, this is strange, because such a body already exists, as NTSB must know.
In fact, the FAA immediately rejected the proposal, saying it had \"worked closely with battery experts at home and abroad . . . . . . Incorporate the information learned from Boeing 787\'s experience.
. . . . . . \"Read more # YesAllWomen has skipped the sharkthe agency, the special committee of an organization based in Washington, whose name is outdated, it is more common for the aviation radio Technical Committee to have its initials, acronym, RTCA.
The special committee was established in 2011.
Its specific task is to update the standard used to test lithium
Ion batteries so they can be used safely on the plane.
When these deliberations are completed, the standards will be adopted when the FAA certifies the safe flight of the aircraft
If it is 787, these criteria will be applied retroactively.
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There are two problems with this arrangement.
First of all, deciding what safety standards should be has become a permanent pursuitmoving target.
More lithium.
With the development of ion battery technology, it seems that the battery industry is getting less and less aware of the way this technology will fail. A commonly-
The euphemism for this phenomenon is that technology is \"not yet mature \".
The second is the status of RTCA. \"Learn more about the CIA officers of secret agents.
It calls itself the public.
The private partnership, but its power is covered up by the label of the \"Federal Advisory Council.
\"Last year, when it was-
Deborah Hersman, head of NTSB, held two meetings
Day public hearings tracking lithium history
The development of the ion battery and how it was selected and used on 787, she was publicly frustrated by the lack of information provided by RTCA and its special committee --
She noted that the committee\'s deliberations were not open and said that \"we must have access, not barriers,\" in the search for new technology knowledge \".
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The lack of transparency seems to be related to the composition of the members of the special committee.
It includes a representative of developers and manufacturers from lithium
Who\'s the ion battery-
As fully demonstrated at last year\'s NTSB hearing --
To protect themselves from competitors, lawyers are ready to invoke proprietary secrecy and intellectual property rights.
This greatly affects the behavior of the battery during testing.
I also found that the chairman of the committee is Richard P Nguyen, an executive at Boeing, and two other Boeing company delegates among the 32 members --
Sometimes the committee held meetings at the Boeing plant in Virginia.
Read more about men\'s resistance to # yesall women no one questioned whether Boeing needed to be involved in the process of setting safety standards.
They have their own expertise to undertake.
However, their technical record during the 787 initial certification period is not reassuring.
First, Boeing was removed from the two stages of battery design, development, testing and manufacturing.
Responsibility for the delivery of 78 7 new electrical systems is secondary
Signed a contract with Air France Thales, which is also a Japanese company GS-
Yuasa, develop lithium-
Ion batteries will be required to provide more power than any battery previously used on passenger planes.
Read more black people who cheat KKKIn 2007 to install lithium-
The ion batteries in the two separate electronic cabins of 787 have proved safe in transactions between the FAA and Boeing.
Last week, NTSB commented, \"The FAA certification staff relies primarily on Boeing\'s expertise and knowledge to define the testing and analysis required for certification.
It added: \"If the FAA and other experts . . . . . . [Contact, they may recognize that 787 compliance approaches are not sufficient to properly assess risks . . . . . . .
As part of the agreement, the FAA accepted Boeing\'s argument that the possibility of heat being out of control was \"very far away \"--
Only once for 10 million flight hours.
It turns out that the two incidents that happened last year were when the flight time of 50 Dreamliners was only 52,000 hours.
Is Elliot Roger a terrorist?
Boeing\'s grounding costs up to hundreds of millions of dollars, most of which are undisclosed compensation to airlines and the cost of installing new batteries, estimated at $465,000 per aircraft.
The regulator was under great pressure and had to accept the repair of the armor box.
To be on the safe side, use the new, first-of-a-
This technology should be open to the public.
The closed nature and instincts of RTCA leave the meaning of a comfortable, irresponsible arrangement between Boeing and lithium
Ion battery manufacturers are discussing what can be disclosed and the slow pace of dealing with serious challenges.
Read more Elliot Roger and nerdy\'s desire for women NTSB\'s investigation into the battery short circuit incident of car 787 parked at Logan\'s door is still in progress.
The Commission also assisted the Japan Transport Safety Commission in its investigation of the second battery emergency on January 16.
In this case, the consequences can be disastrous because the battery failure occurred during the flight, leaving the FAA with no choice but to ground all 787 seconds of battery.
A Japanese airline 787 flying from Yamaguchi to Tokyo has been flying in the air for 18 minutes when the pilot was reminded to smoke and warm in the front electronic cabin right below them.
They moved to the nearest gaosong airport to get to the ground in 16 minutes.
129 passengers were evacuated on the runway through an emergency slide.
Read more college graduates have produced 98% photos from ANA 787, presented by the Japan Safety Council, showing that the battery has turned into a lot of blackened wires inside a severely distorted shell. Hot chemicals—
Evaporation electrolyte-
Left a bunch of toxic residues in the electronic bay.
The location of the disaster bothered Hersman at the time.
If all the other power generation fails, the battery is the \"final power supply\", she notes \".
\"I was told that Japanese investigators were talking about the battery maker GS-Yuasa.
Due to the inability to reproduce the short circuit that caused these two emergencies, two red flags appeared during the manufacturing process: quality control and testing.
Read more median CEO pay is over $2006 GS-
Yuasa produced the effect of short circuit by passing steel nails through the battery box, but no heat was out of control, so Boeing acknowledged that the impact of short circuit was limited and would not endanger the safety of the aircraft.
However, NTSB stressed in its new proposal to the FAA that the DingTalk test was conducted in
The production of batteries in any case does not represent how the battery is installed in 787, nor does it represent the reality of daily operation.
They sharply cited a lab report: \"short internal hazards are one of the hardest to reproduce, but improving safety is the most important.
\"Read more about David Schwimmer\'s help with stability issues the Japan Airlines Pilots Association is also keeping a close eye on Japanese investigators.
The association\'s director, Chang Zejun, told the New York Times last year that he was not happy with Boeing\'s armored box solution, which brought 787 back to the sky.
\"Boeing says any battery fire will now go out on its own, so there is no safety issue,\" he said . \".
\"But this is already on paper.
Whether in a metal box or not, no pilot will want to continue flying with fire.
\"It is certain that no more batteries have melted within 787 kilometers since ANA\'s emergency landing.
Therefore, the solution of the metal box is still not tested.
At the same time, NTSB has now made it very clear that it wants the FAA to do more to show why it is so confident that 787 can still fly safely.
Read more Remember VA\'s victims today \"NTSB recommends that FAA review of compliance methods for rechargeable lithium for certification of permanent installation
Built-in ion battery
Service aircraft, additional testing is required if required to ensure that the battery design and installation fully prevents all adverse effects of the thermal runaway of the battery.
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