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recycled glass bottles can make more efficient batteries | …

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-13
Rechargeable batteries made of materials made from recycled glass bottles have proven to store nearly four times more energy than conventional batteries.
The glass bottles used can be ground into powder and made into silicon-based anode.
They can improve the battery life of devices such as smartphones, and even expand the range of electric vehicles.
Video charging lithium scroll down-
The ion battery contains two electrodes-
One is made of lithium, called a cathode, and the other is made of carbon. the anode.
However, the new battery developed by researchers at the University of California Riverside (UCR)
Contains silicon-based cathode.
Even with recycling plans, billions of glass bottles are still landfill each year, which makes researchers question whether silicon dioxide in waste glass bottles can be used to produce high-purity silicon nanoparticles for rechargeable batteries.
Although the silicon anode can store more energy than the carbon anode, expansion and shrinkage during charging and discharging can cause them to be unstable.
However, reducing the size of silicon particles to nano scale can reduce this problem.
To make the anode, the researchers used three
A step-by-step process of crushing and grinding glass bottles into white powder.
They then grind the powder with magnesium and heat the powder in the chemical reaction, eventually coating the resulting mixture with carbon.
This makes silicon nanoparticles more stable and improves their energy storage capacity.
The researchers say it\'s a low
They have applied for a patent that eventually commercializes the battery.
Researchers found that coin batteries made of glass
The performance of the bottled silicon anode is significantly better than that of the traditional battery.
Li Changling, a UCR graduate student in materials science and engineering and lead author of the study, said that a glass bottle provides enough nano-silicon for hundreds of coin batteries, or three-
Five bags of battery.
Li Keqiang said that we started with the junk product, which will be shipped to the landfill and make batteries that store more energy, charge faster and are more stable than commercial coin batteries.
So we have very promising candidates.
Lithium generation-ion batteries.
The study is part of a series of projects that researchers have undertaken to make lithium.
Ion battery anode made of environmental protection materials.
They even made and tested the anode with mushrooms, sand and fossils. rich soil.
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