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rethinking the lithium-ion battery revolution over cost, safety

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-14
For nearly two years, a team of former Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius engineers has been working on the next big thing about electric vehicles: 154-year-old lead-acid battery.
Their goal is to build a battery that is strong enough to power a wider range of vehicles, which they believe is the current cutting
Edge Technologylithium ion -
Especially given the recent security scare, it can\'t be done cheaply.
The focus of the energy power system is on a technology that is older than the car itself, which illustrates the difficulty of lithium --ion batteries.
While it is widely used from laptops to electric cars and satellites, some are high
Profile events involving smoke and fire alerted people to the risks and gave them an image problem.
Two high-powered Boeing batteries are overheating.
The tech 787 Dreamliner, which prompted regulators to modify the aircraft, highlighted the concern and forced aircraft manufacturers to redesign their battery systems.
Battery experts will gather in Washington, DC on Thursday. C.
, To discuss the technology in a forum organized by the National Transportation Safety Committee, which is leading an investigation into one of the 787 incidents.
Experts will definitely point out dangerous signals.
In fact, more and more engineers now say lithium
The ion battery revolution stalled due to high cost, complex technology and safety issues.
\"Smart people have been working on this for 10 years and no one is close to a new battery,\" Lithium-
Ion battery experts and retired American physicistsS. -
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Many experts now believe it will take at least a decade for lithium.
Ion technology is ready to be widely used in transportation.
Others, including Toyota Motor, believe that the solution is more than lithium. ion.
Interviewed more than 20 battery executives, experts and researchers, including the founder of a safe aircraft that makes Boeing battery chargers, who revealed an industry in which some people are concerned about the use of lithium
Instead, they want to enhance the previous technology or make a leap forward.
Expectations are too high, too fast, these people say.
It is expected that the \"clean technology\" battery will be reduced in size and weight at the speed of the microchip revolution.
This hasn\'t happened yet, Schlachter says it won\'t happen soon.
\"Unless we are very lucky, we will not see different chemical reactions for decades.
\"Just as recent technological developments have enabled cars to increase mileage using traditional engines, leading the way
The goal of acid cell research is to increase power in smaller packages. Beyond lithium-ionLithium-
Ion supporters, including Boeing, Tesla and General Motors, said they could keep their batteries safe and that new technology problems could be solved.
GM has overcome early problems, and Volt caught fire in tests conducted in the United States. S.
For example, the National Highway Transport safety administration, after all, has managed to tame gasoline and jet fuel by car and aircraft engineers.
\"GM is committed to lithium
Ion technology for our vehicle electrified solutions, \"the largest in the United States. S.
The automaker said in a statement that it saw \"economic improvement\" in technology \".
Boeing says it has many years of experience in the technology and is confident in its safety and reliability.
\"Any situation we have learned from the ongoing investigation has not changed the decision to use lithium --
The company said in a statement.
Battery expert Tom Gage says his company EV Grid is working on ways to manage the charging of electric vehicles
Ion may be a bit more \"grumpy\" than other technologies, but it is the best industry at the moment and he believes it will improve.
\"This is just a technical challenge,\" he said . \"
But other companies are looking beyond technology.
Toyota, for example, has commissioned a team of battery engineers to explore a range of lithium alternativesion.
\"We don\'t think lithium
\"Ion batteries will help us to reach the point where we have a significant increase in sales, really called the mass market,\" said Toyota spokesman John Hansen . \".
\"We\'re going to have a bigger breakthrough that could go into other areas of battery chemistry.
\"Subhash Dhar, who founded the energy power system, is an advanced leader
Acid Battery said it had never achieved a promised lithium-ion improvement.
Help develop Dhar for nickel-
Toyota Prius\'s metal hydrogen battery describes his own \"disappointment\" with lithium\"
Complexity and cost of ions.
\"Before the technology is fully optimized, before the market is ready, we just put billions of dollars into building these manufacturing plants,\" Dhar said . \".
\"They are all idle now.
\"America, February 2010S.
The government has invested more than $0. 15 billion to help build a lithium-
An ion battery factory owned by a department of LG Group in Korea
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