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review: honda claims win in hybrid wars

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-14
When a new hybrid sedan is needed, Honda finally seems ready to step up delivery.
However, it is not a version of Accord that should be considered, but two versions: the Accord plugin
May come to Canada (
It can now be used in the US);
There is also a battery with less power and you are not plugged in.
These two hybrids can be used independently or in combination with battery or gasoline power.
This is the type of system commonly used in Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion and modern Sonata/Kia Optima duo.
So far, for Honda, the electric motor runs only with the gas engine (
Called partial or mild mixing).
It\'s a good thing, but it\'s not completely ahead.
Edge fuel economy, Honda has been lacking in challenging the legitimate share of Toyota and other companies in the ever-expanding hybrid market, that is.
Honda claims it has made a leap.
Roll in your backpack with a classleading 3.
7 l/100 km in the city, 4.
0 on the highway. The top-
The Toyota Camry hybrid sold four cars. 5/4.
Ford Fusion on the 9 th and 4 th0/4. 1.
The agreement also defeated Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima Hybrid models with a rating of 5. 4/4. 9.
The secret of the Accord Hybrid is what Honda calls smart.
Mode Drive or I-MMD.
The system consists of two lithium-
Ion battery pack plus 141-horsepower 2. 0-litre four-Cylinder engine. One 166-
The horsepower motor is the main power unit of Accord, which mainly drives the front wheel, while other motors are the fixed power unit. ratio direct-
Drive continuous variable transmission (
Called e-by Honda-CVT).
Gasoline engines operate as generators most of the time (
Kind of like Chevrolet Volt)
By powering the drive motor and helping to charge the battery.
But at cruising speeds of more than 70 km/h, it seamlessly connects the drive front wheel with or without power
Motor assist according to load (
Acceleration or uphill).
In these cases, the total net power of the system is 195 hp, 226 lbs-
The torque foot starts to work.
The impressive reason for the city\'s fuel economy in accord is that at speeds below 70 km/h, in the light,
Only the electric drive motor can power the front wheel under load conditions, or when the battery has enough power.
The whole transmission system is supported by weight. saving all-aluminum sub-
Replace steel and aluminum frames that are regularly installed.
In addition, the steel version is replaced by the aluminum rear bumper beam.
Weight savings help partially offset the battery pack located behind the back seat and reduce the trunk space by about 25.
Visually, Accord Hybrid lacks a more completely different nose for the copy of the plugin assigned to it, but it does have a blue-
Accent grille, headlights and running lights plus unique 17-inch wheels.
The tail light is also blue.
Improved vehicle aerodynamics with accent and trunk spoiler and special lower body panels (
Helps reduce fuel consumption)
The Accord hybrid pricing starts at $31,300 and includes the destination fee for the base model, including a wide range of content.
Travel trim levels add forward collision and lane departure warning safety systems, sunroof and premium audio packaging, as well as LED headlights, adaptive cruise control (
This keeps you tracking at a safe distance)
And navigation systems.
There is no doubt that Honda has become a technology leader in gasoline.
Power advance.
Whether the company is able to make a deal on the huge success that the agreement has already achieved and to transform the identity of new buyers seems to be a foregone. Why?
Everyone knows that Honda can make hybrid cars.
Specification sheet type: Four-door, front-wheel-drive mid-
Car engine size (hp): 2. 0-litre DOHC I4 (141)and a 166-
Horsepower Motor (195, net)
Honda\'s first fully hybrid model (
Regular and plug-and-playin)
Let the automaker catch up and possibly exceed its mid-term
Car Competition in technical achievements and fuel efficiency.
Key points: advanced hybrid design provides vast windows for electric vehiclesOnly advance;
Impressive fuel
If economic numbers can be realized
Driving conditions in the world;
Too bad hybrid does not share the grille accent with the plug more expressive;
Well equipped, even if decorated at the bottom;
Will this technology be promoted to other Honda models?
Safety: front airbag; side-impact airbags; side-Curtain airbag; anti-lock brakes;
Traction control;
Stable control.
Fuel Economy, L/100 km (city/hwy)3. 7/4. 0; Base price (incl. destination)
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