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risk management in introducing high-technologies into high-growth markets

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
Growth markets such as India face a series of challenges, which bring great opportunities, especially
Technology in the field of energy infrastructure.
Just like the rapid development of the mobile phone market in India, its related services are increasingly provided through the mobile phone platform.
In the banking industry, the development of new energy infrastructure will bring similar parallel in skipping expensive copper demand --
The power grid, which needs to cover large areas of India, is several times larger than most Asian and European countries.
New energy management platform to expand the possibility of rural electricity costs
Effectively improve the existing power supply of India\'s energy efficiency.
However, the introduction of certain high
Density power technology and equipment need to take cautious measures in a country where many court cases find serious corporate responsibility of foreign multinationals and abuse of Indian security regulations.
So far many people in India still feel the pain of the Bhopal accident.
Mobile phone base stations and their bottlenecks despite the rapid growth of telecom coverage in India thanks to leap-
50% of the countries, mainly in rural areas, have no coverage and affect the livelihoods of the poor in rural areas, in the case of Perry
The urban environment is willing to pay for mobile phone access for income-generating needs.
For example, the mobile phone of Indian rural farmers and fishermen is an important economic tool, and its functions include negotiating prices for their agricultural products, it even included fishermen calling from their canoe to argue about bidding and planning landing sites.
Here, the bottleneck in expanding telecom coverage is power supply, which is currently heavily dependent on expensive imported diesel.
About 20% of India\'s diesel oil is used to power the mobile tower, which is the core of India\'s 21st century infrastructure and the core of Electronic Governance, mobile banking and many other applications that are critical to inclusive growth.
What has long been expected is to expand power supply. today, with the emerging energy management technology, it is possible to further promote power supply and efficiently supply power to mobile phone coverage.
According to the report of the prime minister\'s Planning Commission, telecom business increased by 1%
Density contributes 3% to GDP growth.
Powerful equipment and technology need to take ethical steps before the market is introduced. There are several options for ways to expand energy supply, such as in telecom base stations, buildings, homes, factories. One is device-
Based on and other systems-based.
We got inspiration from my mentor and good friends of the late Dr.
Datian Sanlang is a famous development economist and Foreign Minister of Japan, and is also the first
India-chairs for the 1980 s
Study Abroad committee of Japan (the other co-chair was Dr. Manmohan Singh)
He is known for working through about 80 entities at the same time in both the public and private sectors, from government projects to industry councils.
Over the past two years, one of our teams, including solar and battery engineers and system IT experts, has also worked through entities in the Indian and Japanese governments and the private sector critical to clean energy technologies, these technologies can build a platform system to monitor multiple power supplies to ensure safety while improving system efficiency.
The reality of power supply in India is very different from that in industrial countries.
Diesel generators, battery packs, inverters, rectifier and now more and more solar photovoltaic and related charging controllers are interrelated due to frequent power outages or no electricity
To meet 24/7 of the power supply, switching from one device to another often leads to a special fire risk.
Any entity that attempts to bring powerful equipment from an industrial country to India needs to be aware of this risk and challenge and make the security plan a priority.
For example, lithium-ion batteries are so powerful and high
The deployment of its large capacity is still limited, so it is a new market.
There is no accumulation of safety data in industrial countries, and there are no industrial standards, test methods and safety standards.
Line workers, especially line workers in rural areas, often have only basic training, for example, they have never been accustomed to the risks inherent in the deployment of new technologies in the space, such as lithium-
It is classified as a dangerous ion battery in all countries because the chemical properties of the electrolyte inside are unstable and therefore there is a risk of fire.
The power and large capacity storage capacity of the battery for fast charging, but the side effect is that its thermal instability leads to heat runaway events or fires.
Due to fire accidents and risks, even laptop lithium-ion batteries face a massive product recall.
In the case of the base station, the basic capacity demand is 100 times the capacity demand of the mobile phone.
For an electric car, it\'s only about 20-
It is 30 times more used than telecom or construction, so the capacity requirement is much smaller.
Battery experts around the world acknowledge that the risk of fire and accidents is related to battery capacity.
Global Product Competition: win more
Size manufacturers of lithium
Ion batteries in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan are fiercely vying for global market share, and it is natural to see the Indian market as the next frontier market, especially in the case of weak power supply to the grid.
Some people have government.
Led plans to conduct large capacity Lithium research in India
Develop the market with ion batteries.
While India welcomes foreign technical cooperation, due to multinational corporations and, more broadly, the history of fire accidents requires careful consideration of the greatest concern and sensitivity to the Indian environment, struggle against colonial exploitation of the British Empire
There are these backgrounds in lithium.
The competition for ion battery products, global market share is one thing, but the moral judgment and responsible approach to known hazardous materials used on a large scale is also a test of the success of the Indian market.
Therefore, it is better to have independent safety standards and test methods before conducting foreign governments, rather than standards and test methods for internal personnel and industry personnel, first in the country of origin
Sponsored research on large capacity Lithium
Ion batteries used in India.
Japan is investigating the Fukushima disaster and a parliamentary committee led by an outspoken international leader is stepping up efforts.
Kurokawa Qing.
According to Japan\'s leading newspaper Nikkei, the operation of the Fukushima nuclear power plant is based on internal safety standards, not on the standards of any independent agency, and therefore a serious lack of accountability.
To make matters worse, in Japan, there is a clear anger that, unlike the United States, the Japanese government has the ultimate responsibility, so Japanese taxpayers have to bear a huge cost burden. Government-
In this case, the led industry policy has its risks, because its risks are not diversified, but are concentrated on taxpayers, including other companies, reducing its global competitive power.
Former US Prime Minister
Mount Dove and his representative
Tomoyuki Taira is calling on Tepco to nationalize the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and if it\'s just wondering what\'s going on there, because even if they\'re famous MPs, it\'s hard for them to get the key from the company
Learning from Fukushima, many Japanese industry leaders today say how important and important it is to establish an independent entity to develop safety standards and assessment methods for high-capacity lithiumion battery.
This is a wise and mature point of view.
There is no doubt that it has created the largest certificate of high-tech products in Japan, which can not only prevent accident claims,, this certificate and standard is the best national strategy to expand market share in its fierce battle for lithium market. ion battery.
This is a good example of a small lithium product recall process.
Ion batteries used in laptops and mobile phones.
The Japanese market has expanded beyond its security measures, leading to the recall of tens of millions of international products, the biggest in history.
Only in this way can Japanese manufacturers and governments have to rush to develop product standards called JIS (
Japanese Industrial Standards).
Japan was the first in the world.
1 lithium producer-
Until Korea replaced its first battery last year. 1 spot.
If you look back on the history of market share change, product recalls a few years ago were indeed a turning point.
Of course, Koreans have to cope with the huge scale of product responsibility, the late safety methods and the timing of product standards in Japan, and also make up for this deficiency.
Independent safety standards are key risk management tools. That\'s why lithium is first introduced.
Ion batteries used in large capacity in India should first establish independent safety standards and their strict test methods in Japan or its technology
Country of origin.
If history is the best teacher, it should avoid repeating the same accident track, product recall and loss of market share, but should take the high road and appropriate order of market introduction.
After that, the need for security and vigilance is particularly important.
Fukushima and postBhopal era.
Powerful devices such as lithium
The ion battery is doubleedge sword --
If an accident occurs, its adverse impact on market competition is inevitable, but if responsible methods and steps are taken, Industry Trust will be generated and market potential will be huge.
Indians are eager for a leap
In particular, emerging energy management technologies and systems.
With the innovation of multiple 2g, 3g and 4g communication platforms, there is no doubt that the telecom industry needs to accelerate energy supply solutions.
This is the key to generating very unique Indian mobile apps in the field of mobile communicationscommerce and m-
The most advanced service platform.
Therefore, proper risk management is the smartest international strategy to deploy powerful equipment for high-tech enterprisesgrowth markets.
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