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Samsung won\'t be the last to have exploding batteries

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
Samsung (SSNLF) has endured a series of brutal headlines since its first large-scale global recall of the Galaxy Note 7, saying that \"battery problems\" may cause the device to catch fire ---
Could explode.
While the recall may have damaged Samsung\'s reputation and already damaged its stock, the company is not the first company to be turned upside down by batteries ---
This may not be the last time.
Just this year, HP (HPQ) and Sony (SNE) have recalled computer batteries for fire hazards due to the risk of \"fire and/or explosion, about 500,000 air cushions, according to U. S.
Consumer Product Safety Committee
What do these products have in common: Lithium-ion batteries.
Since its launch in early 1990, lithium-
Ion batteries have become the gold standard for consumer electronics including smartphones, smart watches, laptops and cameras.
It\'s a technology that allows companies to compress a few hours of battery life into thinner and thinner devices, but it has a greater risk of fire or explosion if a manufacturing defect occurs. \"This is a well. known problem.
When this situation gets bad, it gets disastrous in very high places
\"Introduction,\" said Jay Whitaker, professor of materials science and engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.
For example, all 50 Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes were grounded in 2013 for fear of lithium.
The ion battery is on fire.
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According to Whitacre, the problem is lithium-
Ion batteries in the current market rely on \"solvents-
Based on the electrolyte \"to pack more energy, but these electrolyte is flammable.
When a problem occurs, all energy through the battery can boil the electrolyte and cause a fire.
This risk is very rare, and some estimate the normal failure rate of 10 million batteries to 1.
But when, as Samsung says, an error occurs during battery manufacturing, the chances of failure increase significantly.
Samsung said it had received reports of at least 35 batteries burning or exploding.
The 5 million Galaxy Note 7 device has been shipped.
This is a simple and clear trade-off.
\"Their convenience is so great that we take this risk as a society,\" Whitacre said . \".
\"It\'s not necessarily comforting, but it\'s true.
\"You can see these batteries everywhere.
Apple, Samsung\'s main smartphone competitor, uses lithium
According to its website, ion batteries in iphone, ipad and MacBooks.
That\'s how Apple squeezed enough batteries into a small device like the Apple Watch.
\"Compared with traditional battery technology,
\"Ion batteries charge faster, last longer, and have a higher power density that can extend battery life in lighter packaging,\" Apple said on its website . \".
Tesla (TSLA) also uses lithium
Ion batteries in electric vehicles, but rely on cooling systems to prevent overheating.
Enterprises and researchers continue to study new battery technologies,
Ion batteries are still standard.
\"There is no substitute for lithium at this time --
\"Power Station: saving the world in the invention of the battery,\" said Steve Levin, author.
Levine said: \"It is difficult to reach all the required indicators, which means that they will last for a long time, they will be punished, they will be charged and they will be charged to many people, most of the time it is relatively safe.
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