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supercapacitor built from discarded lithium ion batteries …

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-14
Old batteries can now help make super capacitors, which in turn can create better long-term batteries
Long lasting battery.
CSIR-scientists from the Central Institute of Chemistry (CSIR-CECRI)
Institute of salt and marine chemistry at Karaikudi, Tamilnadu and CSIR-Central (CSIR-CSMCRI)
Bhavnagar of Gujarat collects waste lithium
Ion batteries, and the reduced graphene oxide is produced from them.
This new material exhibits high specific capacity at low current and is the next generation high
Super capacitor.
\"It was found from the basic assessment that the specific capacity was 112 Farah per gram, almost equal to the commercially available capacity.
Dr. Sivasankara Rao explained: \"The activated carbon available on the market today is made of activated carbon that is expensive and harmful to the environment, and our method is cheaper and completely eco-friendly . \"
D scholar of CSIR
CECRI is one of the first authors of the paper published in \"colloidal and surface A: Physical Chemistry and Engineering Aspects.
New electrodes made of reduced graphene oxide show a high degree of stability even after 20,000 cycles.
They also have a high retention capacity, and 70% efficiency is retained even after 85 cycles.
The efficiency improved slowly, reaching 108% after 20,000 cycles. The long-
Term stability and robustness of capacitors are key parameters for obtaining the qualification of suitable candidates for commercial applications. “Today lithium-
Ion batteries are widely used and discarded after they are used up, resulting in the installation of electronswaste.
We tried a new approach and successfully recycled and reused these batteries, \"said Dr subbrata Kundu of CSIR.
CECRI and one of the corresponding authors.
The graphite anode obtained from the removed battery and aluminum and stainless steel are used.
Graphite is converted into graphene oxide by oxidation and subsequent stripping.
Graphene oxide is further reduced to reduced graphene oxide.
The super capacitor is now clearly used for pitch change control, track for wind turbines (on-
Board or roadside), automotive (
Including hybrid cars)
Heavy industrial equipment, UPS and telecom systems for power delivery and memory backup.
H. Said: \"We are further evaluating the capacitive properties of the electrodes we have prepared in both electrode systems and hope to use them for large-scale commercial applications soon . \"C.
Bajaj, an Honorary Scientist at CSIR-
CSMCRI and other corresponding authors.
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