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tesla faces 4th federal investigation in latest setback - …

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-14
On Tuesday, after a deadly car accident in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the National Traffic Safety Commission launched a fourth positive investigation into Tesla.
While the three surveys are investigating the autonomous driving function of the vehicle, recent accidents have focused on the lattercrash fire;
Specifically, how can the first responders best put out the fires of these electric vehicles and transport lithiumion battery. The high-
Earlier this week, the speed collision of the Tesla Model S caused a fierce fire that killed two local high school students.
Witnesses said they could see the two still moving inside the vehicle while the vehicle was burning.
The first responder had a similar challenge during the parade, when another Tesla crashed and ignited in Mountain View, California, while using a self-driving system.
An investigative source told ABC News that a week later, the battery of the car caught fire again because the car was dragged to a impounded location.
Federal investigation into lithium
The NTSB said earlier this week that the ion battery fire was not limited to Tesla cars.
\"NTSB has a long history in the study of emerging transportation technologies such as lithium
Ion battery fire in commercial aviation and fire involving lithium
\"The ion batteries in the Chevrolet Volt work with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,\" said NTSB Chairman Robert S . \"Sumwalt.
\"In addition, NTSB is currently investigating a fire involving hydrogen transport in fuel cell vehicles.
The purpose of these surveys is to understand the impact of these emerging transport technologies in transport accidents.
Tesla is opposed to any claim that its batteries are not safe. \"Serious high-
Speed Collisions can cause fires regardless of the type of car, \"a Tesla spokesman said in an interview with ABC News.
\"Tesla\'s billions of miles of actual driving data show that in the United States, a gas car is five times more likely to fire than a Tesla car.
\"Fire is just the latest challenge in Silicon Valley --based company.
Tensions between Tesla and NTSB have intensified as Tesla released information indicating that a driver in a recent crash was at fault, citing data from vehicles prior to the accident, showing
Even if the vehicle is self-driving, the vehicle will remind the Tesla driver to put his hand on the steering wheel.
On April, NTSB decided to use Tesla as a party to the investigation, a rare move by the agency on the grounds that the release of the investigation information violated the agreement between the company and the agency.
Sumwalt said: \"While we understand the information needs faced by the parties in the NTSB survey.
\"The uncoordinated release of incomplete information will not further promote traffic safety and will not serve the public interest.
Less than a week after NTSB accused Tesla of not cooperating with the federal investigation, Tesla\'s chief executive Elon Musk announced plans to suspend the production of the Model 3 for a few days due to problems on the assembly line.
Production has recovered since then, according to Bloomberg, and Tesla has shown \"encouraging signs\" of potential productivity gains \".
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