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Tesla\'s New Home Battery Could Be The iPad Of Energy Storage

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
Tesla has just released an iPad for energy storage.
The electric car maker released a rechargeable lithium battery on Thursday-ion batteries --
The kind used in the electric car manufacturer\'s S-car ---
It is used to store solar energy and provide electricity to families and businesses.
Smooth wall
Installed equipment collects excess energy from solar panels throughout the day for night use.
There are two changes to the upcoming battery this summer. The commercial-
Powerpack, currently in 10 retail stores in the United States trial runS.
, Available for merchants.
Consumer model Powerwall will sell for up to $3,500 and could drive the development of emerging energy
The engine of the storage industry.
\"This is a fixed-storage iPad,\" Jay Whitaker, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and chief technology officer at sodium.
Ion battery company Aquion Energy told Huffington Post.
\"The tablets are outside and no one really wants them.
Then the iPad.
Like Tesla, Apple\'s iconic tablet. -
With the star power of CEO Elon Musk-
Can make solar energy
Stylish battery.
Although the company already has quite a few competitors, including tech giant Samsung and Swiss battery startup Alevo, which raised $1 billion in private funding last year, no one can attract so much attention like Musk.
On Thursday, on the stage of the Tesla factory outside Los Angeles, the product launch was similar to the new iPhone launch.
But the real challenge is how to make it affordable to have home equipment.
The first problem is cost.
$3,500 each, the battery is expensive.
Due to the limited power storage of 10 KW-
Many homeowners need to buy electricity for hours in order to provide adequate power for their house.
Tesla will build a $5 billion plant in Nevada that will produce lithium
Collective ion batteries.
But prices will remain high until then.
To start, the homeowner must first bear the cost of installing solar panels or wind turbines to charge the battery.
Another problem is the current electricity price structure in the United States.
Here, when solar panels generate energy, electricity is more expensive during the day and cheaper at night.
Utilities will buy excess solar energy generated by consumers during peak hours and recycle it into the grid and then sell it at a cheaper night price without solar panels producing energy.
Therefore, there are very few motivations for people to use solar energy.
If they can sell energy to utilities at peak prices and buy it back later at a cheap price, then they will grab the battery of energy during the day.
Bloomberg New Energy Finance analyst Brian Warshay told HuffPost: \"Storage makes sense only if it is more expensive to buy electricity at night and sell it during the day . \".
\"But most people don\'t enjoy these types of rates.
Germany, on the other hand, does offer these rates.
The country encourages the use of solar energy storage, charging high fees for electricity extracted from the grid at night.
Some states have created a German-like model.
Hawaii\'s electricity price is the highest in the country, exceeding 30 cents per kilowatt. hour.
Electricity prices in New England are also high, more than 20 cents per kilowatt. hour.
But all over the United StatesS.
The average electricity price per kWh is about 12 cents.
The hour of February is the latest month in American computing. S.
Energy Information Administration
Warshay said: \"Power is very cheap in most cases.
\"Tesla\'s new battery is a proof of concept at the moment.
But if Musk is able to reduce manufacturing costs, and if states are starting to price electricity more aggressively, then Musk\'s vision for solar energy --
The future may become a reality.
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