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tesla sees a solar-powered future—but can you afford it?

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-09
The holy grail of environmental activists
At least Tesla CEO Elon Musk
The world is full of electric cars powered by the sun.
At present, most electric vehicles fuel from coal
While technically these power plants are more effective than internal combustion engines
Equipped with peers, when driving power-
Kill \"ridiculous\" mode, for example, they are nothing.
Solar energy can be balanced by providing endless sources of emissions
Free energy, and a way for consumers to eat cakes and cakes.
The question is: will they bite?
Musk revealed at a press conference at Universal Studios last week that a group of solar roof tiles were designed to look like traditional roofing building materials. A cul-de-
The House on the set used to photograph the Desperate Housewives was renovated to showcase Tesla\'s new photovoltaic building materials, which are as attractive as the function and have a diverse architectural style: smooth glass, textured glass, French slate and Tuscan ceramics.
Remote viewing during the active webcast, it is not obvious that these are solarpowered homes—
This is the problem.
If you want to adopt something on a large scale, you have to make what people really want.
Solar tiles have been around for years, although this type of building
Photovoltaic integration (BIPV)
The system represents only a few percent of the world.
Install wide PV.
Like the Tesla sports car and the grand prize.
Musk won the electric car that followed, but did not launch a new product.
Instead, he is making repeated improvements to existing technologies.
After all, embracing solar panels perched on the roof and mounted on the exterior siding requires a certain architectural sensitivity
Not to mention the large number of talents that make them fashionable. (
Some homeowners associations in the planning community even banned them from using them on the street. )
What Tesla does with these solar tiles is to remove one of the biggest obstacles to large-scale adoption: their, um, polarized aesthetics.
Digital printed glass covers solar energy outside
Absorb photovoltaic cells from the field of view.
Like natural products, each tile is unique (
In addition to smooth glass bricks)
Make sure no two roofs look exactly the same and avoid cookies-
The cutter look of Tract home. In the U. S.
Tesla says four to 5 million new roofs are installed each year;
Using this new material, the entire community will transition to renewable energy, which is essential to reduce the increased burden on utilities as more and more vehicles are switching oil to electricity.
The best thing, Musk says, is that the price of solar tiles will be lower than it really is.
To be clear, these tiles still have no energy.
As efficiency of all solar panels, but when used with new14kWh Powerwall 2 with 7 kWh output (
Up to 9 units can be expanded)
According to Musk, they have the ability to power the entire house.
In the evening, the family will get food from Powerwall 2, ideally charging the Telsa vehicle parked in the garage.
After sharing this information, Musk asked the crowd repeatedly, \"Why do you want to buy something else?
\"Well, it\'s still a matter of money.
14kwh Powerwall 2 will retail for $5,500, and before releasing Model 3 sometime next year, you\'ll see Tesla\'s electric cars range from $60,000 to $135,000.
The cost of solar materials has fallen sharply in recent years, but they remain a major investment and have not been recovered quickly.
However, Tesla wants to help offset daily energy consumption by creating a solar ecosystem for the home and offering free and zero
The source of fuel emissions for electric vehicles will then be adopted on a large scale.
The actual situation and data of Tesla Solar Roof materials are very small --
Pricing, Availability and installation costs were not announced at the launch --
But some rough numbers can be found online.
The rule of thumb used by many solar contractors is that the cost of photovoltaic systems is $1.
The panel is 50 watts per watt, $1.
00 installation.
However, Energy age reports that the average price of a home PV system is $3.
Install 57 Watts per watt.
The estimation of solar tile is difficult to find, mainly because it is not used frequently.
According to freecleansolar.
The com a3kWh system, which uses solar panels, will cost $15,000 to $20,000, covering an area of about 600 square feet. ft. An average two-story, three-bedroom, two-
Bath House is about 1,500 square feet. ft. .
It is difficult to use these figures to plan solar roof renovations because of the large differences in materials and related costs.
But cover the roof. to-
It will be expensive at the end-
Since many roofs have steep spacing, angles, and areas that may be obscured, it may be inefficient.
The selection of materials affects the assessment of the roof, which also depends on the location, labor skills, roof layout, and the level of quality that the owner wants to achieve.
Assume 1520 square feetft.
Roof with low slope and \"value grade (
One step above \"builder level)
Building quality, Homewyse offers these lowand high-
Final estimate: Clay Tile: $29,371.
00 slate tiles: $20,367. 64$28,729.
53 muwa: $15,162.
88 because there is no price so far, it is impossible to judge whether Tesla solar tiles are more expensive than traditional room materials.
Until 2019, the federal tax credit provided homeowners with 30% of their PV spending, and then gradually declined over the next few years.
National Credit may further reduce these costs.
Free solar energy can also offset costs.
The average energy bill varies from state to state, using 2009 census data, U. S.
According to the Energy Information Agency, the national average energy expenditure per household is $2,024.
In 10 to 20 years, assuming that 100% of the energy consumption is covered by the BIV system, homeowners can significantly offset or fully recover the cost of solar roof renovation.
However, Musk may not be accurate when he says the company\'s products will last longer than traditional building materials.
The life expectancy of the wooden tile is 30 years, and the clay and slate can be used for 60 years100 years.
While no one has said that you have to buy the entire Tesla three-in-one win at the same time, this is certainly the reason to merge Sun City with Tesla.
By creating-
Stop shopping and vertical solutions and maybe more people will consider incorporating solar energy into their renovation and construction projects.
Besides, it\'s an energy.
Regardless of the existing infrastructure, the efficiency model will work in any region.
The real question is, can you afford it?
For average homeowners, the answer is likely to be \"no\" at least until the cost drops \".
But this will happen sooner or later: the average price of solar units is expected to drop to $1.
50 watts per watt by 2020.
At the same time, at least these materials will spark interest in solar roofs, as previous homeowners may think upgrades to solar roofs are very expensive.
But if you ask Musk, he may answer that the world cannot do without it.
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