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The Strong and Solid Sanyo Taho Phone

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-13
After years of elaborate design, this Sanyo Taho phone can withstand shock, dust, heavy rain and extreme temperatures.
It is worth noting that it can even be completely submerged in about 3 feet of the water for up to 30 minutes.
The phone is often compared to the Motorola Tundra, but it exceeds its ability in every Test.
This stylish phone is powerful and attractive in appearance, especially for male users.
The design of Taho (5 out of 5) is particularly durable.
This phone attracts hard-working people because it can almost afford to work because of its non-slip Dura-
This also helps to promote a solid grip.
Taho has a black size of 4 inch by 2 inch by 0.
The length, width and thickness are 9 inch respectively.
It is also quite light, only 4. 7 ounces.
The front of the device is a 1 inch monochrome display showing time, battery power, and service meters.
The Taho is uniquely designed with a curved silver band, placed vertically on the front of the device.
The inside of the device is a 2 inch tft qvga screen with a resolution of 250 × 320 pixels.
Inside the device is a navigation array with 4 shortcut keys as well as call and end/power keys.
USB port, dedicated camera key, 2.
There are 5mm headphone jacks and volume rocker along the spine.
Cameras and speakers are on the back of the device.
The phone is also equipped with a T9 keyboard with large keys, with a circular design that allows you to type and make phone calls quickly and easily.
The user interface (3 out of 5) the main screen and the menu showing 12 icons is a very easy-to-use interface.
The brightness, contrast and font size of the phone can also be changed to suit a variety of users.
It is basic but functional.
This simple user interface can make it easy for users to use in the first place, but it will appear in
It\'s simple for more complex people.
This is a CDMA phone that works with the Sprint network and comes with many new and updated features.
The device is equipped with a 2-pixel camera with a flash to take decent photos in good light.
It also has stereo Bluetooth, GPS navigation, personal organizer, micro SD slot, digital music player and SMS and MMS messenger.
Because of its security features, this phone is also very suitable for enterprises.
It is able to effectively limit outgoing calls and incoming calls through password protection.
It can also disable Web and camera access and limit the use of GPS.
This is especially important for businesses that don\'t want their phones to be tracked.
This phone has a wealth of thread messages and multimedia messaging services.
In addition to Internet access, the phone can also access web applications over the network.
Taho also features Sprint Navigation, a GPS-enabled program that provides visual and audio steeringby-
Directions, up to 10 million lists, and a one-click traffic rerouting option.
Sprint\'s home locator is another feature added by Sprint, where users can find family members anywhere with a single click.
Other features include dial-up networking, Bluetooth printing, audio and video features, hands-free car kits, alarm clocks, calendars, and more.
It is also equipped with additional accessories such as housing, battery, AC adapter, SD card adapter and 1 gb microSD card.
The call quality of Taho is very good, with few dropped or broken calls.
This 2 megapixel camera is also worth a try as it enables users to take clear and clear images during the day and use a flash when the light is low.
The removable 1050 mAh lithium-ion battery allows up to 6 hours of talk time.
For a 2 megapixel camera, it is much better to take pictures than other phones with similar cameras, and the battery life can support it.
Sanyo Taho is an incredibly durable device with a great deal of accessories, features and services from Kyocera and Sprint. For only $99.
99 This is very affordable, this phone is very popular and popular according to customer reviews.
Especially for people who work in dangerous environments, such as mines, and even those who serve in the military.
Its added waterproof features and ergonomic design make it the first choice for even regular mobile phone buyers.
The phone was purchased wirelessly. amazon. com.
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