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Thinking about getting one of those ‘smart bags’ for your holiday travel? Read this first.

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
Three U. S.
Airlines have announced new restrictions on smart packages
A new type of luggage, including an in-house tracking device and a smartphone charger, but since many of the luggage is driven by lithium, it may pose a risk to air travelers
An ion battery that could explode and catch fire.
As of January, the news was announced by American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Alaska Airlines.
15, unless the battery can be removed, the traveler may no longer check the smart package.
Airlines will still allow passengers to carry luggage
Under the existing FAA regulations, ons can be used as long as the battery is powered off.
The reason is that if the battery is on fire, it can be extinguished more easily in the cabin
In the cargo compartment.
Last week, American Airlines announced the new policy in a statement: Alaska Airlines and Delta airlines followed suit.
Delta said in a statement that it has also taken special measures to deal with such incidents.
A spokesman for Southwest Airlines said the airline was \"reviewing their policies and considering changes.
\"Officials at United Airlines did not answer questions about their policies.
Smart luggage manufacturers have pushed back.
A company called Bluesmart says its more than 65,000 suitcases have traveled the world safely, even though it is aware of these concerns, it strives to ensure that thatit \"complies with all international regulations defined by the Department of Transport [and the FAA \".
\"Just as we were talking, we were talking to airlines so they could review our products and get the proper exemption,\" Tomei Pierucci
Bluesmart, founder and CEO, toldForbes.
\"We are in full compliance with DOT and FAA and the law requires the products to be manufactured in our way.
We provide all technical documentation and DOT interpretation requests as needed.
The company added in a post on its website: However, in the post, Delta has raised this warning: for those novices who have the latest trends in luggage, smart bag is provided with built-in suitcase or laptop bag
In additional features such as the ability to charge the phone or track luggage if it goes astray.
Other packages are equipped with internal scales to weigh and provide users with the ability to remotely lock them using smartphone apps.
But there\'s a problem with all this extra stuff: Some are driven by Lithium
Ion batteries took a prominent position in the recall in 2016.
The 5 million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone is reporting its lithium-
The ion battery exploded.
The reports have led to a ban on mobile phone flights by DOT and FAA.
S. FAA spokesman Laura Brown said in an email statement that the airline\'s actions were \"in line with our guidance that lithium-ion batteries should not be carried in the cargo hold.
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