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type of cordless tool batteries

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-14
Whenever we use cordless power tools, whether it\'s a hedge trimmer, cordless drill, hairdryer or other types of cordless power tools, we need cordless tool batteries.
When we choose to buy cordless power tools, battery voltage is not the only most important factor we consider.
The cordless tool battery can reach up to 36 volts, but we should also consider other factors such as amplifier/hour and battery type. For 14. 4-
Volt battery and 19. 2-
Volt battery rating will exceed 36-
Volt battery, better than 36-if battery type and AMPS/hour-volt sizes.
Rated base for BatteryFor rate cordless tool batteries we can use voltage and AMP time.
Voltage is a measure of current or power, while ampere time is a measure of the duration or use time of the battery.
According to the above information, the higher voltage will become a more powerful battery as the amplifier/hour increases.
The cordless tool battery usually has a number 1. 4, 2. 4 and 3. o amp/hour.
We can find the rated amplifier/hour from the battery bottom or from the battery on both sides of the battery.
Modern cordless power tools have three types of batteries.
Many old batteries need to be charged for six hours and we can only use one hour of working time.
When we buy cordless tool batteries, we need to think about this, and if we have a lot of work, we don\'t waste time waiting for the battery to charge.
There must be a way out to overcome this problem, that is, to use type Li-
Lithium Ion battery or lithium battery
It takes only 15 minutes to charge the ion battery.
Maintenance and stability in order to maintain and stabilize, we usually follow the advice of the factory, which will result in a high cost of replacing the battery.
Cordless tool batteries and other parts of the equipment have the expected service life.
Usually, replacing two batteries is more expensive than buying cordless power tools with charging and two batteries.
It is more economical to buy cordless power tools instead of replacing the worn cordless tool battery.
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