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ultimate electric car challenge: dead batteries

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-14
NEW YORK (CNNMoney. com)--
We\'re all going to get rid of lithium.
Ion batteries in laptops and mobile phones, so it\'s natural to worry about batteries in electric vehicles.
Will these not be disposed of in the end?
Are they just sitting on the land that is polluting the environment and rotting? Probably not.
First, lithium.
Ion batteries used in electric vehicles are less dangerous to the environment than most other batteries.
That\'s because they don\'t contain a lot of toxic rare earth metals.
Second, batteries of all sizes can be recycled regularly, and batteries of electric vehicles can also be recycled. But lithium-
The battery of electric vehicles is indeed a challenge.
What about all old batteries and all recycled battery parts?
Unless there is a market for recycled products, you can\'t recycle anything, so far it\'s not clear how big half of the market is
Old lithium battery and battery parts.
At least the industry has a long time to solve the problem.
It will be many years before a lot of lf lithium
Ion car batteries need to be recycled.
This is because every electric car should have three batteries.
Part of life that may take years to complete.
Think of it as \"work, retirement and death \".
\"Work\" means driving, which is a difficult life.
Nevertheless, the battery of the electric vehicle is expected to last for about 10 years before it can be discontinued.
But just because they can no longer push the car doesn\'t mean they will be completely useless.
\"We believe that at the end of the vehicle life, the battery capacity will reach half of the original,\" said Greg Cecil, who is in charge of the GM battery engineering project. Driving a vehicle.
They are too weak to drive any more and they will enter \"retirement \".
\"The most common recommended use for retired batteries is the overcapacity of utility companies or the storage of additional energy from wind or solar power plants.
\"All utilities have to plan for the worst day of the year,\" said Mark Perry, Nissan\'s product planning director . \".
However, Toyota remains skeptical about whether old batteries can find a viable market.
\"So far, I\'m not aware of any strong business plan that thinks this is possible,\" said Toyota environmental spokesman John Hansen . \".
They are too weak even if \"static\" is used ---
It will be a few years later, but no-
How many years--
They\'re dead.
They will then be packed into recyclers, taken apart, broken, or even melted.
In most cases, the components and substances available may be sold to battery companies or car manufacturers as part of a new battery.
Recycling is not a new idea in the automotive industry.
In fact, this is a common practice. Ford Motor Co.
For example, it is estimated that 95% of its cars and trucks will eventually be recycled at the scrap yard, and 80% of its materials are recyclable by weight.
Batteries, in particular, are usually recycled.
Small lunch-box sized lead-
Acid batteries found in most cars and big nickel
For years, metal hydrogen batteries in hybrid cars have been recycled. Lithium-
Toyota spokesman John Hansen says it will be harder for ion batteries to do this.
\"This is not economically as feasible as nickel.
Because the material we will eventually get is not that valuable, \"said Toyota spokesman John Hansen.
Lithium batteries simply do not use rare and valuable metals found in other types of batteries.
Anyway, Toyota plans to make plans to recycle lithium.
Ion battery used in Toyota Prius plug
Hansen said it was not finalized until the car went public about a year later.
Part of the problem is that with lithium-
Power cars are so new that any market for recycled materials is in its infancy.
Some say that with the launch of more recyclable batteries and more electric vehicles that can use recycled materials in batteries, the market for these materials may grow.
Linda Gaines said battery manufacturers who may buy all recycled materials must learn to believe that recycled materials are as good as new ones, a researcher at argonne National Laboratory, problems related to lithium ion battery recycling were studied.
Anyway, the industry may find ways to recycle these batteries.
Recycling is important for automakers because failure to recycle will be a stain on their green image.
JB Straubel, Tesla\'s chief technology officer, said: \"Obviously, people who buy our products want to be seen as environmental-sensitive, a company that is already recycling test car batteries.
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