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X-rays show how gas ‘pillows’ make lithium-ion batteries explode

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
Did you remove it from the back of your phone and see your battery expand like an inflatable pillow?
Scientists are able to observe what is happening from the bottom of their hearts for the first time. Lithium-
Ion batteries have become ubiquitous in mobile phones, laptops, and floating skateboards because they are lightweight and charge a lot.
However, the recent spate of bombings has raised security concerns.
One reason these batteries are damaged is
Toby Bond of Canadian light sources at Saskatoon\'s accelerator facility says it\'s easy because of their structure.
They usually contain electrodes wrapped in a spiral \"Swiss roll\" or \"Jelly Roll\" that can hold as much energy as possible
Layers are generated as much as possible, but if the gas is formed inside, this causes problems.
Gas accumulates if the battery is overheated or overcharged, or if the charging time is too long.
Under these conditions, the liquid components in the battery can evaporate and produce gas.
This results in expansion of the outer casing, resulting in the appearance of the characteristic pillow.
\"The battery can be a small amount of pillows, continue to work, there are a lot of pillows, stop working, or continue to produce gas and break the battery, which may be accompanied by an explosion or fire, Bond said.
The loot can be easily identified by the appearance of the battery, but until now no one knows what\'s going on inside.
Bond and his colleagues used it. powered X-
Ray technology of computed tomography.
The electrode layer seems to tighten and push away as the gas accumulates.
Minor defects found already in the battery are weaknesses.
This defect may have been introduced during assembly, Bond said, suggesting that improvements in manufacturing could make lithium batteries more robust.
It is not clear whether pillowing is related to the recent battery failure of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone.
Another way to reduce risk is to develop lithium
Neeraj Sharma of the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, said there are no ion batteries with liquid components.
\"We and the other teams are working on these issues --
\"He said.
\"They can be very safe, but there are many scientific and technical challenges that need to be overcome before competing with traditional lithium --ion batteries.
\"At the same time, the best way to protect lithium batteries from looting is to prevent them from overheating,\" Bond said.
\"Avoid spending a lot of uninterrupted time playing 3D games on your phone, and if you \'ve been having fun, consider taking a break with your tablet --
Nine people watching movies-
\"An hour flight,\" he said.
Journal reference: Journal of the Institute of Chemistry, DOI: 10. 1149/2.
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