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Airlines Restrict \'Smart Luggage\' Over Fire Hazards Posed By Batteries

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
Airlines including Air America, Delta and Alaska announced restrictions
Because lithium is called smart luggage.
The ion batteries found in these suitcases are in danger of fire.
In recent years, this bag has come in large numbers, including the electric trunk you can take and an autonomous \"robot companion\" that follows you around \".
Prices can range from $275 to more than $1,000 depending on the fancy features of the bag such as device charging, GPS tracking, remote locking and built-in-
Weight sensor.
But these properties require energy, usually in the form of lithium. ion batteries.
These days, batteries are in many electronic products because they are very efficient. But Li-
As the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 shows in a dramatic way, the ion battery has the potential to overheat and ignite, and last fall, after dozens of reports about smoke, fire and explosion of smartphone batteries, the Ministry of Transport banned the flight of these mobile phones.
In 2015, many airlines banned hoverboards due to similar concerns. \"Beginning Jan.
15. customers traveling with smart bags must be able to remove the battery in case the bag must be checked at any time during the customer\'s journey.
If the battery cannot be removed, the bag will not be allowed, \"the American said in a statement on Friday.
On the same day, Delta and Alaska announced similar flight policies.
S. policy, if the bag is carried with you
In size, passengers can bring their luggage to the plane and remove the battery if needed.
If the passenger needs to check the luggage, the battery must be removed and carried on board.
However, if there is a non-removable battery in the bag, it cannot be checked or carried.
A FAA spokesman told The Washington Post that the airline\'s policy was \"consistent with our guidance, lithium-
Ion batteries are not allowed in the cargo compartment.
\"FAA policy provisions on portable electronic devices equipped with these batteries: In May, the Association for the trade of airlines international air transport has published guidelines for smart packages recommended by airlines.
The dangers and potential consequences it lists are enough to make any flyer a little nervous.
A spokesman for the United States told national radio that the ban on carrying powerful lithium batteries in luggage was not because they were more likely to catch fire in the cargo compartment, but because the fire there was difficult to put out.
\"Your options in the cargo hold are very limited,\" said US spokesman Ross Van Stein . \".
If there is a fire there, the crew can use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire, \"but you can only deploy it once.
\"In the cabin, passengers and crew can save the fire,\" he added . \".
For luggage manufacturers with non-removable batteries, airline restrictions are a blow.
\"Before production and production, we did our best to ensure that we complied with all international regulations defined by DOT and FAA,\" one of the companies like Bluesmart said on its website.
\"While most airlines understand and recognize smart luggage, other airlines may still be speeding up.
We are saddened by these latest changes in some airline regulations and believe that this is not only a retreat to travel technology, but also an obstacle to simplifying and improving the way we all travel.
Some luggage manufacturers advertise that their luggage is TSA-approved.
\"But the TSA does not approve or approve the baggage.
Van Stein said that in the United States, there will be no exemption from its policies regardless of the manufacturer.
\"We know these bags are getting more and more popular,\" Feinstein said . \".
\"Americans don\'t object to smart bags.
However, the battery must be removable.
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