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Batteries linked to MH370 disappearance banned by Qantas

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
Safety first . . .
Qantas leads in lithium
Ion batteries in Australia
Figure: James in Morgan
Source: Qantas and Jetstar\'s cargo hold banned batteries suspected of lighting the fire on flight MH370 for security reasons.
Virgin Australia and Tigerair are expected to follow suit soon and ban the transportation of lithium-
Ion batteries that are known to fire when overheating.
Earlier this month, American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta, took steps to ban heavy shipments of batteries commonly used in mobile phones and iPads. Battery-free . . .
Qantas will no longer ship lithium-ion batteries.
Figure: supply.
Source: supply despite action on lithium
Ion batteries, the ban is not a regulatory requirement.
However, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is reviewing its position in consultation with airlines and the US Federal Aviation Administration, which recently published a new study on this issue.
Last year, in a test conducted by the FAA\'s technology center in Atlantic City, a container containing 5000 lithium had a fire.
This prompted aircraft manufacturers to declare that there was an \"unacceptable risk\" for the equipment \".
Although there is no evidence that the disappearance of MH370 was caused by the fire, a temporary report from the Malaysian government shows that the Boeing 777 is transporting a large number of lithium-ion batteries.
The report also mentioned that 221 kg shipments had not been inspected for safety prior to loading on MH370, but were physically inspected by cargo and customs officials.
Experts have rejected the theory that the plane was suddenly shut down and then disappeared. Safety first . . .
Qantas leads in lithium
Ion batteries in Australia
Figure: James in Morgan
Source: A spokesman for suplieda Qantas said that the airline regularly carries a small amount (5 kg light weight) of lithium-
In the past, ion batteries were cargo on passenger and cargo planes.
\"We have decided not to accept the shipment of lithium --
Taking into account new information from aircraft manufacturers and regulators, transport ion batteries based on internal safety assessments, \"the spokesman said.
\"Qantas are always conservative in terms of safety and we often take action before the expected regulatory changes.
A Virgin\'s spokeswoman said they would also ban the transportation of all lithium-ion batteries from March 31.
\"Recognizing that the UN3480 lithium-ion battery is essential in many lives --
Virgin Australia will review the exemption request in this case to save medical devices. \"She said.
\"These changes will not affect passengers continuing to travel with electronic devices including lithium-ion batteries.
\"Delta President Ed Basti said yesterday that the lithium-ion battery ban, which was launched earlier this month, did bring huge financial losses to airlines.
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