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GSL ENERGY THAILAN BRANCH to be Top 3 EPC solar roof projects on Lifepo4 ESS


During Energy Weekly Show, GSL ENERGY brought advanced hybrid( Bi-directional) solar inverter on-off grid type and long life with 10 years warranty Powerwall 5kwh, 7kwh 10kwh and 4850-2U, 48100-5U, 48200-5U rack lifepo4 batteries products, attracting many local big solar energy companies to ask and consult. They are very interested in knowing GSL smart hybrid ESS solution for home and villas house. 

After years of development in Thailand solar ESS market, GSL ENERGY Thailand Branch Solarenergythai company is successfully becoming one of the top five EPC consulting service suppliers on residential solar rooftop projects. 

The project which was recently announced by the Ministry of Energy stated that homeowner and residential buildings that have installed solar rooftop system for home users can now sell their remaining surplus electricity to the Metropolitan Electricity Authority and Provincial Electricity Authourity. ASE 2019 is hosting the ENERGY PERFORMANCE CONTRACT ( EPC) companies in one convenient location and offering consulting service to electricity users, category 1 ( residential houses ) on residential solar rooftop projects. 

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