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Congratulations to GSL ENERGY moving into new office in SHENZHE


Today was a big day.

After 2 months decoration, congratulations to GSL ENERGY moving into new Shenzhen office.

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“We are so glad to move into new office today,” said by Mr. Jim Deng, CEO/President of GSL ENERGY. “As GSL ENERGY solar energy storage battery business is getting better and better, the old office is not enough for sales dept people now. Today, we want to say thanks so much for so many new from old clients supporting GSL ENERGY Power Storage Wall ESS business these years.  Without them, we cannot develop so faster and grow so quickly. To offer better services to global clients, we will hire more sales manager to offer fast solution to home and overseas clients in the future.”

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GSL ENERGY is a fast-growing tech-innovative company.  At present, GSL ENERGY is one of the biggest powerwall lithium lifepo4 battery exporters now.  GSL ENERGY innovative 10kwh and 15kwh Power Storage Wall products are the most favorite overseas Wall mounted battery products now in more than 45 countries now. 

“We have cooperated with local large solar installing companies and sign long terms partnership with each other. More and more personal end clients can buy GSL ENERGY powerwall products conveniently from 24v to 400v range for single phase and three phase hybrid storage inverters. ”said by Mr. Jim Deng.

So far, GSL ENERGY has built up strong partner relationship with China famous hybrid inverters brands like Huawei. Solis, Sofar solar, Goodwe. Sungrow, Growatt, Deye, Lxp power, etc. For off grid solar inverter brands, GSL ENERGY also has good relationship with Infinite solar, Voltronic, Sacolar, MUST, JFY TECH, ZL POWER, SHUORI, Sorotech, etc.

“We want our powerwall products likes a U-disk to match all different brands computers. Different all clients can use advanced GSL ENERGY economic power storage wall products and solve the power supply problems at night. Of course, GSL ENERGY will offer ten years warranty to all clients too.”  Said by Mr. Jim Deng.

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Next month, GSL ENERGY will launch new Bluetooth version powerwall products and touchable screens for end clients to use very easily and conveniently.

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