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Double amputee seeks damages after scooter batteries are confiscated before flight: \'Most humiliating thing\'

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
A United Airlines passenger filed a lawsuit in the federal court because he said he was forced to climb on the floor of the hotel room during the holidays because of officials from the Canadian air transport safety agency) at Calgary International Airport, Canada, the battery on his scooter was confiscated.
He is seeking compensation of up to $20,000, the highest amount allowed under the Canadian Human Rights Act, as Stearn Hodge, a 68-year-old double amputee, is traveling to orklatsa.
At the time of the incident, he and his wife attended their 43 th anniversary wedding in Calgary, Alberta, at February 2017.
According to the CBC, Hodge lost his left arm and right leg in a work accident in 1984, and he used a portable scooter to walk around.
The airline warned that lithium was a fire threat.
However, when the frequently traveled Hodge arrived at the airport, the agent of the Canadian air transport safety agency (CATSA) told the man that he could not bring a lithium of $2,000.
Due to the fire, his motorcycle needs to use an ion battery on the plane. Lithium-
Due to the fire of the ion battery, it is forbidden to store the checked baggage on the plane
According to CBC, Hodge has documents from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) that allow him to travel with him because of his disability.
It is reported that Hodge was ignored when he tried to show his documents to CATSA.
A catsa spokesman denied comment on Fox News as the matter is currently being heard in the Federal Court of Canada.
It is alleged that a United Airlines gate agent also came to the security zone to stand by CATSA officials, although Hodge explained that the airline had approved his battery earlier.
\"I remember the agent at CATSA saying, \'Well, you can get in a wheelchair. \' How\'s a one-
The armed guy who ran the wheelchair?
Hodge asked, according to CBC.
\"How can I go down the ramp and brake with one hand?
But that shouldn\'t even show up.
\"Click here to get Fox News APPHodge also noted that his wife was treated for cancer before traveling and was unable to push him in a wheelchair.
When the couple arrived at their destination, Hodge said it was painful.
\"Having to climb the floor in front of my wife is the most humiliating thing I can think of,\" Hodge told CBC . \".
\"It reveals how real my disability is . . . . . . I have been different since then.
\"After Hodge and his wife returned to Canada, Hodge received an email from United Airlines responding to his complaint.
Tatricia Orija, a resolution officer at the airline, wrote, \"we seem to have violated federal disability requirements,\" according to CBC . \".
The Mail also provided Hodge and his wife with a $800 travel certificate.
A spokesman for United Airlines said in a statement from Fox News that it was investigating.
\"We are investigating these allegations and we are unable to provide further comments due to the pending proceedings.
Nevertheless, the experience described is far from our own high standards of care for our customers.
We are proud of the many steps taken in the past few years to better take care of our customers, and we are also proud to run an airline that not only includes disabled people but also welcomes disabled people who are customers
Hodge hired a lawyer who wanted the Canadian Human Rights Commission to hear the case in federal court.
Editor\'s note: Earlier versions of the article said airport officials confiscated motorcycle batteries.
Updated to designate CATSA officer for lithium confiscation at Calgary International Airportion batteries.
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