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dramatic moment klm flight attendant extinguished fire \'caused by lithium ion battery in passenger\'s hand luggage\' on flight from amsterdam to bangkok

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-12
Today, passengers experienced a tense moment on a Dutch flight because of a small fire in the overhead compartment of their hand luggage.
A Dutch airline spokesman said the cause of the fire was under investigation, but one passenger claimed the fire was caused by a lithium-ion battery in the traveler\'s bag.
The flight attendant used it.
At 10: 40 a. m. local time, after landing in Bangkok, the plane put out the fire with a fire extinguisher.
A klm spokesman said the Boeing 777 with 321 passengers and employees was taxiing at the boarding gate at Bangkok\'s Suvarnabhumi International Airport after taking off from Amsterdam.
He told the Daily Mail: \"There is a short fire in an overhead compartment of hand luggage, and our crew ensures that the fire is extinguished.
All passengers and crew left the plane safely.
The spokesman said that since the investigation had not yet concluded, he was unable to comment on the possibility of fire involving lithium-ion batteries.
A passenger on flight KL875 recorded a video when a flight attendant sat in a seat in the business class and sprayed a smoky bag with a fire extinguisher.
A photo taken earlier showed the crew spraying bags while the overhead trunk was on fire.
Passengers posted videos and photos on her Twitter account @ Accone and wrote: \"Well done\" @ KLM calmly manage cabin fires caused by batteries carried by passengers on flight KL875on luggage’.
She added in a second tweet: \"continue to use lithium ion batteries!
One caused a fire on our flight.
Find and put out immediately;
Difficult transportation of goods
The personnel of the KLM crew are welcome for putting out fire and preventing injuries to passengers and employees.
A Dutch airline spokesman said the aircraft would be inspected and any necessary repairs would be completed before returning to service.
KLM\'s policy on lithium-ion batteries is the same as that of other airlines around the world.
Loose lithium-ion batteries can only be placed in hand luggage, each spare battery must be stored in the original packaging, or the battery contact point must be covered with tape to insulate them, and packed in separate plastic bags.
It allows the transportation of objects powered by lithium batteries, including mobile phones, laptops and tablets.
Last week, Boeing and other aircraft manufacturers urged a ban on large quantities of lithium-battery transport on passenger planes, calling the fire threat an \"unacceptable risk \".
An industry group has warned that fire fighting systems currently on the aircraft are not able to put out fires that transport large quantities of lithium-ion or lithium-metal batteries.
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