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electric vehicles the future of motoring

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-14
As early as 1990, a US telecom company conducted a study predicting that the company\'s mobile phone sales potential for the next decade will be 100,000 units.
By 2000 they sold 100 million.
This happens when a sexy new technology is combined with absolute, undisputed practicality.
I immediately came out and said: electric car (EV)
The market will follow a similar trajectory.
OK, it\'s an intuition, but it\'s been supported by electric cars that have been driving for two weeks in the past few weeks.
I now have a feel for their performance, scope, cost of operation, maintenance, and feel --good factor.
I can see more possibilities.
The vehicles reviewed here are a group of elites, and for most of us, they are financially out of reach.
Then the same goes for the first black and white TV of the day.
The best thing about Top isof-the-
Remote technology, however, is that it provides a glimpse of what everyone is about to get --
Like a mobile phone.
Every automaker on earth is struggling to produce electric cars, which goes further, faster and more efficiently than the previous generation.
It happens at an amazing speed and has regular breakthroughs, especially in the automotive battery field.
It\'s no longer a Hobbit.
Like someone who developed the technology in a dimly lit garage.
The heavyweight is involved.
Tesla founder Elon Musk and his cousin Lyndon and Sun City\'s Peter Ryf are currently building the world\'s largest battery plant in Buffalo, the United States, and just last week, Darling Dyson announced to join the battle, claiming that it is developing a battery that will drive the car at a price of 1000 km for just one charge.
Last month, it was reported that Apple was developing an electric vehicle, which would be enough to stimulate a lot of sales in the electric vehicle market if the electric vehicle achieved results.
With this in mind: the average annual cost of kiwi fruit on gasoline is about $2500, and maybe $1000 (
In a particularly good year)on maintenance.
Drive your car for ten years.
The operating cost is $35,000.
Research shows that the operating and maintenance costs of pure electric vehicles are about 1/5 times that of their gasoline.
Power brothers-
$7,000 in 10 years.
This is what you may have stuck with your car for the last decade, a difference of $28,000.
So now, if you can buy an electric car for $48 k, you will buy the equivalent of $20,000 in gasoline --
As long as the price of gasoline remains unchanged. Unlikely.
How long does it take for electric cars to retail below $50 k, below $40 k, and below $30 k?
Not long, I think.
At the same time, we must look to the future. . .
Porsche Cayenne S. E.
The hybrid looks like Porsche may offer a range of electric power to its car.
Several of its flagshipthe $1. 7m 918 Spyder (
Two of them are on board and excited buyers are eagerly waiting)
And Panamera E-
The hybrid now has a shiny 130 kg lithium ion battery, and this drive train has also been implanted into the popular Cayenne to become the S. E-Hybrid.
The result is that a fully charged machine will travel about 30 km kilometers, or provide an additional 95 horsepower for the 333 hp internal combustion engine of the Cayenne.
When the driver presses the throttle, it graduates from various stagesfrom all-
Electric driving, internal combustion engine only, to \"boost\" mode, in which the resultant force of the entire batch gives you the power you expect from this iconic brand\'s model --
In less than 6 seconds, the speed reached 100 kilometers per hour.
Even if the battery runs out, it will not leave enough power so that the drive will not have no boost when needed.
Whether driving under power or through a limited engine, torque is delivered to all four wheels
Sliding Center differential with rearbiased (58-per cent)
Torque distribution.
Most of the time, the internal combustion engine is unnecessary, and the maximum speed is obtained purely by the electric engine (
As long as you don\'t get too heavy on gasoline)of 123km/h.
This 30 km will cover 95% of the average daily commute for New Zealanders, allowing the engine to simply wait for longer driving on weekends, and frankly, it\'s a pleasure you\'re looking forward, during the week, you sit in a car that offers so much on the open road, or it does.
Otherwise, in addition to the color scheme, the car is exactly the same as the latest gasoline and diesel card.
The mix of the car announced a fluorescent green that popped up in different parts of the car, including brake calipers and, dial pins and hybrid badges on the side of the car.
In addition to the necessary charging equipment, Porsche also offers stylish wallbox as standard-
With this in mind, a good contact tends to incur additional costs.
From an ordinary three
The Point plug battery will be filled in four and a half hours, which can be attributed to 2 hours.
Working 7 hours with industrial units
It is expected that the onboard fast charging function will be introduced soon to reduce it to 1. 3 hours.
This is not bad for 30 km of E travel. Audi e-tron The plug-
Audi A3 e-Hybrid
Tron was listed in New Zealand last month.
50 km electric-
The only range, which comfortably covers the average Kiwi commute-
About 35 km a day-
Before the gasoline engine started.
One interesting addition to the release is the collaboration with powerful River Power and retailer Mercury Energy, which makes e-commerce
The owner of Tron signed a 30-fold discount for Mercury collectionpeak power (11pm-7am)
This reduced the cost of a full charge to around $1.
E-charge A3
Tron can be from the standard three-pin, 10-
Amp wall socket, in less than four hours. Install a 16-
After 15 minutes, the amplifier supply dropped to 2 hours.
Customers who have questions about the technology will pass 160,000 km/8-
One year warranty for batteries.
It also has 96 individual cells that can be replaced separately.
Unfortunately, I was unable to test the car, but Pioneer writer Colin Smith clearly described how it was handled: \"In terms of performance, A3 e-
Tron\'s reaction is like you expected.
The drive hatchback has a maximum combined output of 150 KW rated power and an impressive 3nm torque.
It uses a modified version of six versions
Speed Double Clutch
With 0-
Accelerate 100 in a brisk 7 km/h. 6 seconds. \"The A3 e-
The Tron accelerates strongly and provides 30 nm motor torque immediately from the stationary state, which gives it an impressive response.
The maximum speed in the electric mode is 130 km/h, and the maximum speed in the mixed mode is 222 km/h.
\"You can choose from the electric mode, the hybrid mode that includes the recovery charge, the charging mode --
It uses the engine to charge the battery while driving-
And keep the mode to make the electronics
Tron runs on gasoline and saves battery power for the later stages of the journey.
When rumors spread about Apple making electric cars, experts immediately said they would buy money for Tesla.
This is the status of the American carmaker in the world.
There are only 6 in New Zealand with no showroom.
Tesla has to order from the factory and ship it here, just like Amazon books you \'ve never read.
After a trip, I came to the conclusion that the risk of not liking it was low when it arrivedexistant.
Of course, it didn\'t disappoint boss Steve West, part of his inspiration to launch a charge. net.
New network of fast charging points for urban electric vehicles in New Zealand (see sidebar).
The latest iteration is the Model S P85D with a power of 515 KW.
That\'s why it has a \"crazy\" environment that will make it go from static to 100 km/h in 3 minutes. 1 seconds.
So new that no one here yet, we had to use the P85, which did the feat in 3 minutes. 9 seconds.
The first thing to notice is the room.
Open the hood with half a barrel of space inside-
Enough for a picnic basket and a lilo.
With the boots on and so much space, the \"\" mode has an upgrade option to put two more folding seats for the kids.
There is no central tunnel in the car.
Very spacious.
The touch screen computer console on the dashboard is the size of the computer screen-a normal one.
The result is that there is almost no button to see anyway.
Tesla hates it, but it\'s like a huge iPhone that can control everything from it.
It\'s not as difficult as a captain. James Kirk.
The Tesla Model S is probably the safest car ever.
It passed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration test and crashed a machine while trying to crush the roof.
The model is priced at $180,000, not cheap, but should not be cheap. BMW i-
BMW I series released at the same time-series -a sports car -
I8 and hatchback (i3)
The power provided by the motor to varying degrees is a statement of the commercial intent of German automakers in this area.
For a car brand with little disappointment in style and performance, the driving experience of i8 and i3 is always unlikely to be completely awesome.
This is proved by facts.
However, it is completely surprising that I will eventually prefer the i3 hatchback more than the Rocketsfast (0-
100 in 6 seconds)and sporty i8.
So, i8 is the first.
Only the first 37 km is electric, and then the gasoline engine will happily drive along the road for the next 563 km
Although it is worth mentioning the amazing fuel consumption data. 2. 1l/100km.
Incredibly, it\'s 1.
5l, the three-cylinder engine can push it with such power and enthusiasm, and it is pure frustration to stick to the speed limit.
The car shouted for a European highway or track.
In electric mode, it purrs quietly like a sleepy cat, but starts the engine, it growls like a lion.
Next, i3: step into this car and feel like the future.
Unlike i8, i3 is completely different from the traditional dashboard. A small high-resolution TV-
The size of the screen feels like a talking computer brain from sci
Fi show, this feeling is enhanced only when navigation is involved.
However, the wood veneer dashboard softened it all (
Optional extra fee)
, It is perfectly combined with black carbon fiber mesh and electric blue, brown and cream color scheme.
I3 is almost the same as i8, attracting a lot of attention --
Its wheels are thin in terms of how it looks, but large, but when it pulls away from the slack --
Jawed boy racing under the lights, nothing but the quiet complaints from its powerful motor (0-100 in 7. 2 seconds).
The Herald car editor\'s high-speed electronics on the car almost ran out-
It is completely related to the average speed of 130 km/h and the air conditioner, however, it is understood that the New Zealand model has 9-
Fill up the gas tank with two liters of gasoline-
As the cylinder power generation engine of the extender, the anxiety of being trapped somewhere is No. existent.
I3 retains some practicality that i8 does not have (
Apparently no aim)
Purely because of the spacious interior and even a bit of boot space.
The standard test seems to be to see if you can put a golf club in it, however, I am not a golfer and I am looking for storage space for two kids and many other things.
Of course, only i3 is here.
This sounds ridiculous, however, I will choose i3 if I get a free car.
Seat cover.
Under the onslaught of the children, the cream unholstery will not last for one day.
The price of I3 starts at $83,500 and the price of i8 starts at $278,000.
Volvo XC90 was forced to wait for the latest land next to the Volvo Marine race yacht of Hurricane Pam at Auckland\'s Viaduct harbor --
Lubbing display by car company-the plug-in hybrid XC90.
Although I might test drive in this car, this is not the case.
However, I took a look around it and made a deep impression.
It claims to be the first in the world.
In the hybrid seven-seat SUV, this effectively removes another barrier to the absorption of electric vehicles --
The capacity (
Although Mitsubishi Olander PHEV, Tesla Model S and Porsche Panamera s e-
Mixing also does a good job on this score).
The first production vehicle is already on sale, but you will not see your new wheels until June when they disembark.
The car is not cheap and sells for $134,900, but it is aiming at the high-end market with no cover, aiming to compete with BMW and Mercedes in the world.
The XC90 features two
A one-liter gasoline engine and a 60 KW-inch electric engine.
When used together, the SUV will reach 100 km/h in 5 kilometers. 9 seconds.
Drivers can choose one of the three options-
Pure electric mode, hybrid mode or power mode-
The above acceleration is provided.
Mitsubishi Olander PHEV (Plug-
Hybrid car)
It\'s normal Joe can imagine buying a second-hand car in a few years.
The car is brand new for 60 k
Pay another $15 k on the basis of gasoline prices.
There are only models, but you can expect to save at least $2500 in operating costs per year.
The real success of Mitsubishi here is to make sure that the transition from customers to electric vehicles is as easy as possible.
52 km electric-
Only the range is generous for the plugin hybrid -
Not only does it include the average commute time in New Zealand, but it also includes several trips to shops
While you can pack your kids and kitchen sink for a road trip without thinking about it.
In terms of pure practicality, PHEV is currently unmatched in New Zealand.
Rough calculations show that power needs to be re-powered
PHEV can be charged with only 1 KW solar panels (
4 panels with an average of 250 W)
In sunny hours, this will reduce the operating cost of the working day to zero.
Pioneer auto critic Damien O\' carrol describes the way PHEV is handled: \"It weighs more than standard outsiders, but it actually raises the outside due to the weight drop in the power system
The extra weight also improves the feeling of outsiders on the road.
The extra purring from the electric motor is also felt, with Mitsubishi claiming that PHEV is also a performance model for the Olander series, and of course on the road.
Tesla owner Steve West is making a big push into electric vehicles.
He owns a Nissan Leaf and two Teslas-
A sports car and a Model S
In addition, the latest Model S P85D (
The one with \"crazy\" mode), on the way.
He also launched a charge. net.
New Zealand, an initiative to build a country
Wide network of fast chargers, allowing any electric car owner to fill in their \"tanks\" quickly, usually at 10-25 minutes.
The owners will charge a small (initial)
23 charging stations, estimated at 25-
About $10 minutes. The roll-
Started in June 2015.
West\'s initiative won a victory in part from the sail of the power network Association (ENA)
This month, the company announced that it will conduct a SCOPE study of the \"renewable energy highway\" with the ultimate goal of the same as the charge. net. nz.
ENA formed a working group with delegates from line companies as well as access to energy, powerful river power and drive power
New faces of the electric vehicle Promotion Association.
Find the nearest electric vehicle charging station on the goThe PlugShare app
Anywhere in the world.
PlugShare shows commercial charging stations and charging stations installed in private homes.
Of course, what is not shown is millions of three-point plugs for homes and businesses across New Zealand
It is also suitable for electric vehicles to charge, although the speed is slow.
\"The beauty of an electric car is that it\'s like having a gas station in your garage.
How great is this?
\"It\'s almost too good to be true,\" said Tesla owner Steve West . \".
Porsche Cayenne S. E.
Hybrid electric range: 30km0-100km/h: 5.
9 charging times: 2 times. 7 hours (fast charger); 4. 5 hours (standard plug); 1.
3 hours: $175,000 Audi e-
TronElectric distance: 6-10 kmFull range: 800km0-100km/h: 7.
6 charging times: 2 times. 5 hours (fast charger); 4 hours (standard plug)
Price $74,990 Tesla model selection range: 400km0-100km/h: 3.
9 charging times: 4 hours (three-
Fast Charger type 2); rapid charger (
National Network Program-see sidebar): 1. 5 hours (to 90% charge);
120 km within 12 hours (standard plug)
Price: $110,000 (base model)
Bmwi8 electric range: 37 kilometers full range: 600km0-100km/h: 5.
8 charging times: 2 hours (fast charger); 5 hours (standard plug)
Price: $278,000 BMWi3Electric range: 150 (
Tank with 9l extender): 250km0-100km/h 7.
2 charging times: 6 hours (fast charger); 12 hours (standard plug)
Price: $83,500 Volvo XC90 plug
Hybrid electric range: 40km0-100km/h: 5.
9 charging times: 3 times. 5 hours (standard plug)
Price: $134,900 (
Inscription model)
Distance: 52 km 0-
100/hour: 11 seconds Charging time: 5 hours (standard plug); 3. 5 hours (fast charger)
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