A Leader of Lithium Lifepo4 Battery in China Since 2006


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Shenzhen GSL Tech Co Ltd ( GSL GROUP sub-factory) develops from manufacturing rechargeable button batteries to manufacturing cylindrical and prismatic lithium iron phosphate batteries( lifepo4 battery) . At present, specializes in the production of cylindrical lithium iron phosphate battery, and it is the first large-scale cylindrical and prismatic lifepo4 Battery battery manufacturer in China now.
GSL ENERGY covers an area of nearly 10,000 square meters with daily production ability of 500,000 pieces lithium iron phosphate batteries, GSL ENERGY produces the most advanced rechargeable lifepo4 battery, with the quality of safety, environmental protection, long life, high power, low self-discharge, high efficiency charge, and so on. The battery has been widely recognized by the market both in China and abroad. Its special production technology makes its products’ performance index all surpass the standard of the same industry.

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