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fisker changes battery suppliers

by:GSL ENERGY     2020-06-14
Launch plugin last Friday
Hybrid carmaker Fisk Motors has announced it has raised another $0. 115 billion from private investors, including lithium.
Ion battery supplier, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, A123 Systems and legendary venture capital.
Hiding an amazing fact in the press release: Fisk has replaced lithium-
Less than a year after it delivered its first car, the ion battery supplier.
The company said last week that it had \"signed more than one
Annual lithium supply agreement with A123 System
An ion battery that will power karma.
\"Stay as planned, just like the delivery of the Fisk Kama plugin --
The hybrid luxury sports sedan, originally scheduled to start in next May.
At last month\'s Los Angeles motor show, Fisk announced that the display car will enter the dealer\'s showroom this fall.
Russell Datz, a spokesman for the company, said the machine was not affected by the supplier\'s switch.
From EnerDel to A123An, the optimistic statement in the press release hardly stated the reason for the switch.
\"Fisk Motors chose A123 because of the company\'s ability to meet our performance needs and quickly expand to our production volume,\" said founder Henrik Fisk . \".
\"We are committed to developing eco-friendly cars that do not sacrifice style and performance,\" he continued . \".
\"The technology of A123 will ensure the delivery of Karma.
\"We asked Datz exactly what happened that led to such radical changes later in the game.
By contrast, GM chose South Korea\'s LG Chem as its battery supplier for 2011 Chevrolet Volt in January 2009, two years earlier than when it arrived at its dealership later this year.
\"Performance Requirements\" Datz replied, \"We signed a letter of intent with EnerDel on April, which will make them Karma\'s if they meet our performance and time requirements
We asked them to do a lot of things in a very short time.
\"Ultimately, the time is too short,\" said Datz, and EnerDel is unable to provide units that meet all the requirements.
They include enough power for all-electric 0-to-60-
About 7 seconds per hour, 50 miles of energy for a single charge, and 6-
One hour charging time
He also noted that battery life, heat recovery and packaging are also important.
In the meantime, Fisker \"continues to work with other battery suppliers including A123, who will be prepared if the EnerDel deal is not reached.
\"Indeed, when EnerDel\'s lithium
The ion battery is an unknown quantity for the plug
In terms of vehicles, A123 has accumulated a lot of data on the performance of its batteries.
The company is offering batteries for two months-kilowatt-
The 2011 Volt hour battery pack, though eventually lost to LG Chem.
However, EnerDel did not lose everything.
Datz stressed: \"We still have a lot of confidence in EnerDel\'s technology . \" The company is \"willing to work with them again in the future.
\"At 125 miles per hour and 67 miles per hour, Karma\'s starting price remains at $87,900.
Individual Karma buyers are eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit for the purchase of electric vehiclesdrive vehicle. Fisker quotes0-to-60-
Accelerate 6 seconds per hour (
About seven seconds in total. electric mode)
The top speed is 125 miles per hour and 67 miles per hour.
So far, no journalist has driven Fisk\'s karma.
In fact, His Royal Highness Danish Crown Prince Frederick is one of the few outsiders even behind the steering wheel of the Karma plug-inin hybrid.
DelawareFisker\'s next car has to raise more capital to get a low price of $0. 529 billion
Interest loans from the United StatesS.
The Department of Energy, which completed the development of Karma, also acquired a former General Motors factory in Wilmington, Delaware.
The factory will be used to produce the next $40,000 medium plug-in car in Fisk.
Since 2012, hybrid cars have been called the Nina project.
Announcement of factory acquisition in October
S. President Joe Biden spoke out of Nina\'s range of cars, coupe and crossover cars.
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