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A Leader of Lithium Lifepo4 Battery in China Since 2006

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GSL 10Kwh Wall Mount Batteries Perfectly Installed for Solar Systems in Niger


More and more inquiry about lithium battery has been gotten from Africa countries since 2021.

Lifepo4 has the characteristics of low cost, stable discharge, high safety, long cycle life, excellent high temperature performance, and no pollution. It is one of the most promising power battery cathode materials in the world. Lithium battery energy storage is the most feasible technical route at present.

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This is a project case from our customer in Niger. It uses 2pcs of 10kwh powerwall lifepo4 battery with an 8K Voltronic inverter. Mr Mahamadou Arzika who is a very professional solar system installer in Niger and a quality and service orientated importer, with many years of experience in this field, has a good eye for battery quality. He has compared many brands and companies and finally he decided to choose GSL because GSL offers grade A cell lifepo4 battery with 8500 cycles, self-developed BMS, all cables include and long-term warranty up to 20 years which meets his customers’ needs. Now the battery works very well at their home and supplies power for them at night.

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After he received the goods during the Chinese New Year 2022. He was excited to share pictures back. All cargoes were well protected in a wood box. He was delighted to see everything is in good condition after he received it.

I was so impressed by the battery quality”, “Clients are happy to see stable voltage with CATL.” “We are making show case and hope to be able to place the bulk order soon.” “We are pushing customers to turn to lithium...” he says and brings more and more repeat orders to GSL.

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