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GSL ENERGY finished and exported 50KWH 32U RACK design ESS lifepo4 battery storage system to Swiss Client


Today, GSL ENERGY finished and exported 50KWH 32U RACK design lifepo4 battery storage system to Swiss Client.

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This 50kwh rack ESS is made with 5 units 5U 48V 200AH lifepo4 battery module, each module is made by 15s4p 60pcs 3.2v 50ah prismatic lifepo4 battery cells inside and smart BMS to support 14pcs parallel connection at max.

The 32U rack is specially designed with thick and heavy metals frames to support 600kgs goods weight. It is very easy to install and remove for end client use. Too.

“We are so glad to cooperate with GSL ENERGY on lifepo4 battery ESS products, “, said by Mr. ROLF, CEO of Swiss company, “ I contacted MR. Jim Deng 6 months ago and Mr. Jim Deng sent me invitation letter to get VISA very efficiently. So we placed sample orders after visiting GSL ENERGY factory in Dongguan city. It is an impressive trip to visit GSL ENERGY to see related ESS POWERWALL products and 5U rack lifepo4 battery modules. GSL ENERGY is very professional in both items and delivery time is very fast and efficient, too. We will look forward to more cooperation with GSL ENERGY in 2020.”

“Thanks so much for Mr. ROLF trust and visiting to our factory, “, Mr. Jim Deng, CEO of GSL ENERGY, “ GSL ENERGY is a very professional POWERWALL and Rack ESS factories here in China now, with monthly production 5000-7000pcs POWERWALL 5kwh 7.2kwh and 10kwh, 2U-4850, 5U 48v 100ah, 48v 200ah lifepo4 battery together. We can make fast delivery to some clients’ urgent needs. All of GSL energy POWERWALL and 2U,5U lifepo4 batteries are made by Grade A prismatic cells with cycle life 6000 times, under warranty of 10 years.  We will offer same warranty as Tesla POWERWALL 2 service,too. “.

At present, GSL ENERGY POWERWALL and 2U,5U lithium batteries are meeting all brands of 48Vdc off grid solar inverters and hybrid on-off grid solar inverters, too. “ Our target is to make our POWERWALL and 2U.5U lifepo4 batteries to be as U-disk , can be plugged into all USB ports in different brands computers ( solar inverters). Our POWERWALL and 5U BMS is designed with RS485 and Canbus port together, so client can choose related port to communicate with their bought or installed inverter very fast and conveniently now. “ said by Mr. Jim Deng.

About GSL ENERGY POWERWALL AND 5U 48100 48200 Lifepo4 Battery

GSL ENERGY powerwall lifepo4 battery is specially and independently developed by GSL solar battery engineering team within 2 years. The design can have included 15S-48VDC( for all hybrid off grid 48VDC inverters) and 16S-51.2VDC ( for all hybrid smart on-off grid 48vdc inverters), capacity with 5kwh, 7.5kwh, 10kwh range, max supporting 14pcs to reach 140kwh 48Vdc lifepo4 battery system.

GSL ENERGY related smart BMS has functions of overcharge detection; over discharge detection; over current detection; short detection; Temperature detection; but also has functions of balance ; communicate ; alarm ; total capacity; storage history,etc.

Furthermore, GSL ENERGY will offer 10 years warranty on powerwall lifepo4 battery, which can let end clients to use very safely and economically.

At present, more than 2000 home users are using GSL ENERGY powerwall 5kwh-10kwh lifepo4 battery system in over 22 countries.

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