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GSL ENERGY Offers 10kwh 5kva smart hybridon-off grid solar energy storage system( ESS1050 )solution for Nicaragua clients in 2 weeks


Today ,GSL ENERGY successfully and finally finished 10kwh 5kva smart hybrid on-off grid solar energy storage system( ESS )solution for Nicaragua clients.
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10KWH Lithium Storage-5KVA Smart Hybrid On-OFF   GRID SOLAR HOME ESS - ESS1050 kits
1 Rooftop Solar Mounting Racks 
2310W   Mono high efficient solar panels ( PERC)GSL310-60M1225 YEARS 
3 smart hybrid(BI-directional)  On-Off grid solar inverter 5kva with wifi,   online monitoring-110v/220v split pahseGSL-H-5KVA-US15 YEARS 
410kwh   power storage wall lifepo4 battery GSL10000U110 YEARS
5Related   solar cables, connectors, combiner box, etc.

GSL ENERGY is using 5kva hybrid solar on-off grid smart inverter (split phase 110v/220v, UL approved) and 1 units 10kwh powerwall lifepo4 battery system, 12pcs high efficient 310w mono solar panels together. The working mode is very smart, client can set up charging battery mode in priority, after battery charged fully, extra power will be offered to home using loading and is feed back to local grid net via power meter. GSL ENERGY will offer 5 years on IP65 hybrid UL approved solar inverter and 10 years warranty on powerwall lifepo4 battery system. Client can install it in 10 minutes under of action of plug-and-play jobs.

“We are so glad to cooperate wth GSL ENERGY. It is a big surprise to see so high efficient solutions from Mr. Stone Peng, who can give me solutions needs in 20 minutes email communication. ” said by Mr. LEO, G. M of xxx company, “ We wired full payment at once because GSL energy is so trustable and save our time and money. GSL ENERGY one stop solar hybrid system ESS solutions is impressed and we love it. After installing this demo system, we will buy more container goods of solar ess goods from GSL ENERGY in 2020. “

“ Thanks for trust on GSL ENERGY, we are also happy to cooperate with Mr.LEO company, “ said by Mr. Stone Peng, Sales Director of GSL ENERGY . “ GSL ENERGY has over ten years experience on solar ESS one stop solutions service since 2006 , with help of GSL Group strong powerfull supply chain management. GSL ENERGY has solar panels , solar inverter and lifepo4 batteries manufacturing bases , which can give end clients EXW factory direct price to save client money and time. We will build long term partnership with Mr. LEO in the future. “

GSL ENERGY offers one stop solutions including mounting racks,solar panels, solar inverters, lifepo4 batteries , etc in just 2 weeks, which can save end client over a month time and 30-40% money if they buy from different system component suppliers.


GSL ENERGY power storage wall lifepo4 battery is specially and independently developed by GSL solar battery engineering team within 2 years. The design can have included 15S-48VDC( for all hybrid off grid 48VDC inverters) and 16S-51.2VDC ( for all hybrid smart on-off grid 48vdc inverters), capacity with 5kwh, 7.5kwh, 10kwh range, max supporting 14pcs to reach 140kwh 48Vdc lifepo4 battery system.

GSL ENERGY related smart BMS has functions of overcharge detection; over discharge detection; over current detection; short detection; Temperature detection; but also has functions of balance ; communicate ; alarm ; total capacity; storage history,etc.

Furthermore, GSL ENERGY will offer 10 years warranty on powerwall lifepo4 battery, which can let end clients to use very safely and economically.

At present, more than 2000 home users are using GSL ENERGY power storage wall 5kwh-10kwh lifepo4 battery system in over 22 countries.


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