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GSL ENERGY Offers Complete 50Kwh 16Kva Smart Solar Home Energy System in Spain


New project installed in Spain! GSL ENERGY successfully offers a ESS50KWH 16KVA Smart Solar Home Energy Storage System to Spain clients for his villa.

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With the help and guidance of GSL Energy engineer, Spain client finally installed his 50kwh ESS from GSL ENERGY. And the system is working perfectly now. “We really appreciate Mr. Jim. CEO of GSL ENERGY. His service is professional and considerate. My villas house was built 10 months ago and I contacted Mr. Jim for helping me to design a good solar smart on-off grid system to solve my unstable power supply problems. Jim is very patient to offer me their advanced lithium batteries all in one solution. This solution includes batteries, inverter and solar panels. It is very easy to install and use for me.”, said by our Spain client, Mr. Jorge.


He also mentioned that, “However, I had some problems when I was installing the system with solar PV panels and grid net swift automatically. I contacted GSL ENERGY, they sent Mr. Li, the senior engineer of GSL ENERGY, to help me deal with the problem in 24 hours from China by video chat and remotely control by WIFI and APP. Finally, the full ESS5016 50kwh 16kva smart solar ess home system installed. And it works perfectly. Thanks for everything that GSL has done for me. I will recommend this to my other friends here.”


“It is my pleasure to cooperate with Mr. Jorge”, said by Mr. Jim Deng, CEO of GSL ENERGY. “Now, there is a very smart bi directional solar inverter system working at Mr. Jorge ‘s home. During day time, PV solar panel on roof will offer green power to home loading at first. If PV power is larger than home loading, extra power will charge battery at once automatically via smart GSL SMART ON OFF GRID inverter technology. If all air conditioners are turning on, 50kwh lifeppo4 battery will offer power to loading at first, then the main power will offer a little power to compensate extra over loading to make up. The whole villas house will enjoy green solar energy supply in 25 years. He doesn’t need to use noisy diesel generators anymore.”

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GSL ENERGY ESS5016 system consists of 5*10kwh 48200 5U 48V 200AH battery modules and 2*8kva smart bi-directional solar on-off grid inverters, which all of them are installed in good quality rack cabinets. Once the system was installed, clients can monitor the system remotely by WIFI and APP. By storing solar and grid energy in the battery, this system can continually supply electricity when there is no sunshine and grid power.

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