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GSL ENERGY successfully finished and exported 100kwh 358v 300ah lifepo4 battery system storage for Bulgaria clients


Today, GSL ENERGY successfully finished and exported 100kwh 358v 300ah lifepo4 battery system storage for Bulgaria client’s 60kva 3phase solar hybrid off grid system.

GSL ENERGY-Gsl Energy Successfully Finished And Exported 100kwh 358v 300ah Lifepo4

The 100kwh high voltage lifepo4 lithium battery system is made by a central smart high voltage BMS box and 14 pcs 25.6v 300ah high voltage lithium battery module supporting 14S connection to make 358.4VDC.

The 25.6V 300AH is made by 8s6p GSL 3.2v 50ah high energy density lifepo4 battery cells inside, weight with just 75kgs around on each module. They are all installed in 3 rack cabinets.

“The module is so light that client can move and install them very easily and conveniently. For this 100kwh lithium battery system, client can install them in 10 minutes, which saves a lot of labor cost and installation cost, comparing similar energy density 100kwh traditional lead acid AGM battery or GEL battery,” said by Mr. Nick Pan, sales manager of GLS ENERGY, “ Still take AGM battery for example, 100kwh lead acid battery will weigh around 3.2 tons , but our 100kwh lifepo4 battery is just reaching 1.1tons only. Furthermore, if client choose lead acid battery, they need to spend extra money to replace them each two years. Via using GSL ENERGY lifepo4 battery, we will offer 10 years warranty on lithium battery system, and our battery life span can reach 20 years. Finally, our lifepo4 battery 100kwh can support 1C- 100kwh output in an hour, which can make client UPS urgent needs often.”

“We are glad to cooperate with Mr. Nick Pan from GSL ENERGY, who is so professional on lifepo4 lithium battery storage system.” Said by Mr. Dimitar, CEO from Bulgaria. “We contacted at least over 5 lithium battery factory suppliers but Mr. Nick Pan from GSL ENERGY answered me very quickly and gave me related professional lifepo4 battery system solution very fast. He replied me very professionally and know how to cooperate with our 3phase 60kva solar inverter from EASTER factory. GSL ENERGY promised me to give me a lot matching testing reports, pictures and videos. I am so happy to see that GSL ENERGY can make them in 20 working days but others need to make them in 60-90 days.  I will like to cooperate with GSL ENERGY professional ESS team in the future. If the system is running well, we will order more for our other big projects in 2020 soon. “

The related 3phase solar inverter 60kva is from famous EASTER factory , which GSL ENERGY has great relationship with. The project is going well and GSL ENERGY designed related canbus protocol to meet Easter hybrid solar inverter, which can make full system working very well and stably in next 10-20 years.


As the leading vertically integrated manufacturer of lithium iron phosphate battery systems,GSL ENERGY has provided various battery solutions for nearly all kinds of ESS applications, including on-off grid solar home system, off grid solar system. Thanks to our self-developed core technology in cells/BMS/system design, GSL ENERGY has delivered more than 1.2GWH batteries serving 10,000+ overseas home users since 2012......

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