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GSL ENERGY Successfully offer 20kwh lightweight high energy density 20kwh wheel design lifepo4 battery storage system.


After 15 days working hard on R&D dept, GSL ENERGY smart ESS team successfully developed 20kwh 51.2v 400ah wheel design with high energy density , light weight lifepo4 batteries system.

This 20kwh is made by 16s8p 128 pcs 3.2v 50ah high energy density lifep4 prismatic cells, which is just reaching 225kgs only.
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Comparing with traditional lead acid batteries 48v 400ah, our GSL 20KWH can save end clients at least 80% space and 80% weight during installation. Furthermore, client just need to spend 5 minutes to plug and play GSL ENERGY 20kwh lifepo4 batteries, comparing with installing 20kwh lead acid batteries on spending expensive electrician cost and over hours time. Finally, GSL ENERGY will offer 10 years longer term warranty on this 20KWH lifepo4 battery system, while lead acid battery factory just offers 1 or 2 years warranty.

This will extremely save clients a lot extra cost when they are choosing smart gsl energy smart lifepo4 battery 20kwh.

We are so happy to cooperate with GSL ENERGY these years. GSL ENERGY is tech-leading lifepo4 battery factories and offers us excellent service these years. Our powerwall from GSL ENERGY is still running very well for over 4 years and clients are very satisfied with them. This 20wkh wheel design system products will be widely used for many clients whose wall is weak or whose house wall does not suitable to install on wall, too.  End client just needs to put them in a small corner with hybrid inverter together then. It will not take up much space at all. Said by Mr.Luis , CEO of Peurto Rico solar company.

GSL ENERGY 20kwh smart bms inside has RS485, CANBUS port, parallel com ports to support max 15pcs around 300kwh at max capacity.

It is very strong and powerfull on our smart patented BMS now. This 20kwh can support huge 250A charge and discharge current, which can meet all smart hybrid solar inverter and pure off grid solar inverters in the world. For single phase inverter side, our 20kwh lifepo4 battery system can meet all the charge and discharge current standard of 5-12kva solar inverter now. So clients can use our GSL20K model very easily and efficiently. 

If sample is tested well, we will purchase at least 40ft containers at 150pcs next month soon. At present, we have many potential clients who are interested in buying it now. Comparing with expensive TESAL powerwall, GSL ENERGY 20KWH model is just half of cost of TESLA powerwall 2 and offers at least 50% power more than Tesla Powerwall 2 battery capcity. It can surely save clients a lot cost on buying GSL20K then.

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